Blog-Tag: A Game for a Virtual Meet-n-Greet

I’m new to the blogging world but am enjoying meeting people especially different from me so I can learn new things! Today Kay invited me to play blog-tag. I found Kay through a common Yada Yada book interest and admire her creativity and her love and dedication to her family. She is a keeper, for sure! I log on to her blog, Dream Big, often because I need to laugh and not take myself so seriously. Kay has no idea what her personality does for mine!

Now, on to this business of being tagged. My name is Mary and I’ve been married to my main squeeze for 37 years. We are opposite: he’s adventurous and I’m steady.
I think the best description of myself is to quote my daughter, Carrie, who, back in college, invited a friend home for the holidays. When asked, “What is your mother like?” Carrie responded: “She’s a cross between Mary Tyler Moore and Donna Reed. Enough said.

My philosophy in life is that you reap what you sow. My goal is to bring God glory in this life by using the gifts He placed within me. I like to read the Bible and especially study about the Body of Christ with a focus on relationships.

The phrase that keeps resounding in my head these days is Keep it simple, sister!”

Seven random or weird facts about myself:

1. I love photographs and display them in frames or albums and, scrapbooks.

2. I was stopped twice for speeding, both times on my way to women's retreats. I was able to talk my way out of one of the tickets!

3. Of Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages, my love language is Acts of Service.

4. I'm domestic. I like to clean, organize and decorate my home, cook, and bake cookies. Love cookies!

5. I am a public speaker and enjoy it.

6. I like to have fancy tea parties in my home.

7. I’ve been fortunate to visit Israel twice.

Things I Love:
having lunch with girlfriends, period films, bracelets and lapel pins for my blazers, afternoon naps, and my middle name, Victoria, which is so Victorian!

Things I don’t love:
tension, rushing, manipulative people, computer viruses, telemarketing, sinus headaches

Songs on my Ipod:
Christmas Carols, Praise music, Rock & Roll, Vivaldi and walking exercise with Marty Copeland!

Favorite Food or Drink:
coffee is the favorite drink; foods would be seven layer salad, homemade bread, salmon, peanut butter!

Now let's see what these have to say: Tag, you're it!


  1. O.K. girl! I'm going back to my place and post right now! Thanks for tagging me.

  2. Alrighty, lady! I have my post 99% done but, alas, work has called me so I need to re-focus. Hopefully I can update later with the 7 random blogs I tag! Thanks for thinking of me. :) Blessings!

  3. Ohhhh, I learned so many fun things about you! Gimme a big shut up--I love Peanut Butter too! Awwww, thanks for the kind comments about me. I believe we share chuckles and keep each other (in)sane in a good way! Luv ya sista.


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