Celebrating Amy

We have a reason to party in October because it is the birthday month of our oldest daughter, Amy. She is a joy to behold. She is outgoing, great sense of humor, sensitive, smart, hard working and a loving daughter, loving sister and loving wife to her Mark. Last weekend we made a special lunch for Amy and Mark with homemade apple pie for dessert using the fresh apples from our prolific apple tree. It was fun to watch Amy enjoy her presents. One, in particular, moved her deeply. It was a scrapbook that I assembled during my days in waiting for her to be born. She laughed at some of the jokes I included, enjoyed the heartfelt stories about babies, and marveled at every congratulatory card I saved. I saw her cry when she read the pages of love letters I scripted to her while still in my womb. I’ll never forget the words of my pastor’s wife to me during a difficult trial in my life. She held Amy, a preschooler then, on her lap and encouraged me with these words: “See this little one? She will be a rainbow after your every storm.” This prophetic word has come true. Happy birthday, Amy.


  1. Happy B-Day Amy! I enjoyed your blog, and hope you are a new grammy by the time you are reading this! Palin made friends last night, yes? I was proud of her.


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