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And Just Like That, The Snow Disappeared

News stations reported Arizona reached an all time high in snow levels this week. A brutal winter front from the north wrapped the towns in northern Arizona in blizzard snow.  This week’s stats amaze me revealing: Sedona broke the all time storm total for snowfall of 18 inches in 30 hours breaking the old record of 15 inches set back in January of 1949.”

I live at less elevation, but we experienced six inches of snow in our desert town!  Out of all my snow pictures, my favorite one features my prayer garden before sunrise.  The trellis where grape vines drape their beauty in the spring now masquerades as white fluff.  Where is my comfy chair with cute pots of zinnias that bloom colorfully?  Nowhere to be seen, but instead snow overwhelms the path with its beauty resting on branches and gracing our garden ornaments.   Everything looked different.

The Red Line! This photo reminds me of the red line of faith which I read about during this morning’s quiet reflection.  It spoke volumes to me…

My Mother-in-law Hijacked My Confidence

If I could go back in time and change something, I would tell myself at twenty-two to take a deep breath and be confident, square my shoulders and say to my Nazi mother-in-law, “back off!”
I never pleased her.Okay, I forgot to serve her son orange juice for a bedtime snack.He laughed at that one and told me to ignore her. I chose the baby’s name without her approval.My lasagna recipe never met her expectations.
I was anything but confident back then, but this mogul drew me to my knees.The pain of not measuring up becomes fertile soil to seek a Savior!Ah, Jesus waits for us to break so He can pour His perfect love into us and teach us how to withstand every earthly blow!
I’m thankful for my mother-in-law.She drove me into God’s loving arms where I became a confident woman.
“Even if my father or mother abandons me, the Lord cares for me.” Psalm 27:10
I am linking this post to Five Minute Friday where writers write for five minutes about today’s word:confident.
I also want to say a spe…