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Prayer and the Middle Child

Looking back, I got a hint of the Sunday morning sermon.  It’s just another one of God’s divine surprises!
As we drove to church this morning, I mentioned to my husband that my garden sectioned by grapevines and hedges needs serious attention.  We lost one of the grapevines so I researched foliage on line with plans to replace it and I asked him to dig new holes this coming week.  I call this private area my prayer garden, but I recently moved out the chair and rarely meet there to talk with God. 
Middle Children and feeling overlooked   This morning’s sermon touched me deeply when the speaker correlated unanswered prayers that never seem to reach the Lord’s ear with being the middle child and feeling invisible.
I’ve been discouraged in prayer so the teaching about persistence to stay the course in faith and trust without visible results ignite new hope to believe for the impossible that’s only possible with God.
Our church is big on altars My favorite sermon bullet conveyed that prayer gi…