Monday, December 18, 2017

Post Op Update

Hello! This post comes to you from Mary's daughter, Carrie. My mom is recovering from her second knee surgery and I have come from San Diego to help mom cook and clean, and raise her spirits. My youngest daughter, Amy, has been a good distraction from PT and timers for pill taking. I overhear her playing on my mother's bed...she's clearly cheating at a game of Crazy 8's or Go Fish, but like it says in Proverbs 17, a cheerful heart is good medicine, and I can hear the cheer in my mother's voice. This time next year, I think those two will be dancing together by the Christmas tree! We love our family and being together, but we know the true healing is happening due to your prayers, and my mom thanks each one of you. She is getting better by the day, walking now and pain is being managed. We are grateful.

A few weeks ago we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday with family portraits outside of Sedona, AZ. Here are a few of our favorites! Thank you for prayers for our family, present and past.
God's love is a gift to us all. Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Surviving Limbo

If there was ever a place I never wanted to visit its Limbo.  No calm sea or happy dancing there in Limbo, just a boring pause desperate for a breakthrough.  Yet, I found myself there these last few weeks.

I’ve reached the limit for healing my left knee.  I can do no more until I have the right knee replaced.  My surgical knee compensates and I walk lopsided.  Plus it hurts.  My therapist, the standup comic, throws up his hands and says:  “You are in Limb-O!”

I set the date for another surgery.  That’s when the rigmarole began.   I flunked my chest X-ray.  I took it again and got the same result.  I felt like an outcast.

“You are inoperable,” they said.

I visited one doctor and then another.  I completed an echocardiogram. 

I wondered if my primary physician would release me for my very close surgery date.  Fear set in that something was wrong with me yet I felt great.  I didn’t fit the suggested diagnosis.  Why can’t life be smooth?

How to survive Limbo
Control freaks hate Limbo.  They map out the details for their lives.  When the glitches come to destroy, they become unglued.  Trust issues.

These times are uncomfortable.  But I have the Rock.  He never lets me down.  Ever.  I got a word! 

Who Needs Christmas Cards
I heard an amazing message this week about Emmanuel, God with us.  Isaiah 9:6 calls Him counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace.  I studied the Hebrew word, Yaats.  It means to advise, to deliberate or resolve.  I learned what to do in Limbo.  Call on the counselor of all counselors to defend me and make decrees for my dilemma.  

Worry is a Joy Stealer
The message I studied showed me my God is a God of action.  All I have to do is rest in Him.  He fights my battle.  My journal speaks of His rescue this week.  I found Scripture verses of victory to replace my worries.  Might as well sing and praise Him because I will in the end, no matter how it turns out!  Much better than medication, prayer puts a smile on my face.  It’s not easy, but it’s the right thing to do in Limbo.

My doctor’s office called.  They asked me to come in and go over the echo results.  “Uh-oh”, I thought.

I got the earliest morning appointment.  I sat amazed as my doctor explained line by line using words like “normal” which is good and “above average” too. 

I left the office with my emotions intact.  But when I got into my car, I really praised God and danced.  Because you see, my surgery date is this Friday, December 8, no time to spare.  I will have my right knee replaced this go around.

I may have felt like I was down to the wire, but God reigns without question.  And when I remember that He likes to orchestrate the plan because His ways are higher than mine, well that’s how to get out of Limbo or at least find peace and rest while there.

I ask for your prayers as I complete the next leg of my journey the morning of December 8.