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Prayer Pleeez!

I feel squeamish and thought I should tell you.  A giant stands before me and I’m using my sword, but ask for back-up.  I’m scheduled for surgery, August 25.  My journey begins with a left full knee replacement.  I will have to have the other knee done, later.
My neighbors helped me find the best surgeon!  All she does is hips and knees. I’ve completed the pre-op tests, attended the class at the hospital to inform me of what to expect, and started physical therapy.  Before surgery I have to get to an acceptable range of motion.  Let’s just say, I’m not there yet.
I am blessed! The PT believes in gentle therapy.  He has a low-key personality with humor.  He will be in my life for a while and I am determined to do whatever he says.  I’m improving already.  He knows his stuff.
I can still visualize the surgeon’s finger pointing in my face to get a stationary bike and demanding:  “Get on it every day—take your Aleve if you have to—but get on it and pedal and pedal even if you can only do th…

I'm Amazed

A popular love song played often on the radio during the year that my husband proposed.  Maybe I’m Amazed, crafted by talented Paul McCartney reminds us that it’s amazing to find love and it’s amazing to need each other.
Tomorrow we reach our 46th year mark.  We took some time to be alone before the amazing monsoons hit our state.  Whereas summer weddings in the Midwest are popular with flowers in bloom everywhere in comfortable outdoor settings,  summer anniversaries in the hot, humid months in Arizona call for creative planning.  Some beautiful resorts lower their prices substantially! 

We enjoyed a delicious late lunch at Harold’s Saloon in Cave Creek, AZ, country and western atmosphere, rustic and colorful.  Look at this old pioneer scene on the property!

The gal who checked us in at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center felt accomplished at 28 years of marriage.  She seemed amazed we're going on 46 years.  She understood the effort relationships require to keep their sparkl…