Father's Dog

“A man is incomplete
Until he is married.
After that, he’s finished.”
                                                                      Zsa Zsa Gabor

I knew that when I married my husband, pets of various kinds would come to live with us.  The man loves animals.  Especially dogs.

I’ve always had a dog as a kid.

Like so many newly married couples, we got a practice dog before kids.  The kids and the dogs followed over a lifetime.

I like big dogs.  I miss Frankie, our yellow lab, who died just as we retired, but I love the freedom of being able to go anywhere for days without having to make arrangements for Frankie.  I like the bonus, too, of not having to vacuum dog hair from my area rugs.

I stood my ground for three years refusing to house another pet, even a goldfish.  And then I caved to my husband's pleas.

“You can have a dog if you promise to be its master, feed him and be the one to walk him.”  Check.

“You can have a dog if you rebuild the old chicken coup and make it a comfortable dog house when he’s outside.”  Check.

“You can have a dog if you rebuild the back deck and build it as pretty as you did the front deck.”  Check.

“You can have a dog if you promise me that you will still prefer me over the dog.”  Check.

A few weeks ago, Tom found his new companion.  On his umpteenth trip to the Sedona Humane Society, they remembered his criteria.  The dog can’t be too big or too small; it has to be middle size with floppy ears, short hair and no yippy barking.

The transition becomes easier with each day and even I get a kick out of our dog jumping in between us on the couch, giving Tom a slobbering kiss and then giving one to me.

Meet Bruno!

The Humane Society guessed that Bruno is two years old and house broken.  He’s had some accidents but I guess that’s to be expected.   They were not sure, but suggested that he’s part Beagle and Pembroke Corgi.

Once, the UPS man delivered a parcel on our doorstep.  I was working in the kitchen wearing my Bluetooth headphones; I didn't hear him.  Bruno did and barked!

Bruno barks when strangers step into our home.  Even family.  I wonder how he will do when three-year-old Amy visits.

Happy Father’s Day, Tom, and to all the dads out there!


  1. Although I am a cat person, per se, I do love all nature and animals and this, of course, includes dogs! Sweet photos. And the Zsa Zsa Gabor quote made me laugh. :)

  2. He's beautiful, Mary!!! I'm so happy y'all chose to adopt a rescue; and so happy you opened your hearts. Happy Father's Day to Tom!!!

  3. I tend to be more of a cat person, but I am surrounded by dog people. Bruno is cute, and he will be loved! Happy Fathers Day to your hubby!

  4. I don't see the Pembroke in him, maybe a bit in the face, but he's adorable!! Sounds like he's already a wonderful addition to the family. We were so close to finally thinking about getting a corgi 2-1/2 years after we lost our beloved Koda. Had even set up a meeting with a breeder that had a litter of pups ready next month down in the Queen's Creek area. Then something happened at my work, a bit of a hiccup, and we realized it wasn't the right time to bring a puppy into the home if there was potential I might not be working at home any more. So now we are in a holding pattern again and might wait until hubby retires in about 2 years. They are wonderful companies and family members.

    Happy Father's Day to Tom!


  5. A dog is man's best , loyal friend; so the efforts and arrangements, are worth it. Bruno, the beautiful and friendly new addition to your home, will give you a lot of satisfaction and lovely days.

  6. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Mary! We favor cats at this time in our lives but Dick and I both love dogs. Even after 30 years, I still miss our corgi mix, Sherman. Enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Well your Bruno is a cutie. I would be the one in my home that would be more prone to having a dog and inside the house. Afraid that my man is not. I do baby sit the grand pups at times and though he dislikes it he doesn't fuss because after all...they belong to our grandchildren! HA! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Laughed hard at the 4th line re:your request before bro. Tom got Bruno. If not for allergies, I prefer to have a dog than a cat. I find dogs to be very useful and truly faithful to their masters (no offense to cat owners). But this post made me remember a seminar held in the church I used to go to about the analogy of having a dog vs. a cat relating to our spiritual lives. Never I had appreciated dogs more as I listened because the analogy was teaching us about "us giving ourselves to God in service" (dog) vs. the thinking of "God living for us" (cat). somethin like that... I hope I was right with this explanation :) Anyway, he's cute and seems so playful. I know he must sense how much he is loved...(after the wife, of course). Everything is okay by God's grace sister Mary (Thanks for asking and always being there to pray for me and my family and always remembering to visit). I just don't know what to write after resigning from my work. In the meantime, I am enjoying lots of time with my family and just being at home, trying to be a better Prov.31 (old) lady! ;) Love you in Christ.

  9. Laughed at all you got accomplished before agreeing to the dog😂👍

  10. It's just awesome that you opened your home for this wonderful Dog! I hope more and more people consider doing this! Godbless you Mary!

  11. So Sweet! What a wonderful Father`s day for you all!! I never had a dog, but can feel all the love and care that comes through your post!! God Bless you and your husband and Bruno!

  12. Happy late Father's Day to Tom! They are a pain, but they love better than humans most of the time...

  13. What a sweet dog Bruno is! I had to laugh about your standing your ground for three years, and then caving... we have always had dogs, and we love them to pieces, can't imagine our lives without them. But the hair, not so much! I do so hate the cleanup from the hair, but I guess it is part of the trade-off for having such a special loving family member :)

  14. Hey Dear Lady, would you be so kind to send me your mailing address? Send it to my email.
    creationsbycindy@nefcom.net Thanks so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Hello, I'm visiting from Creations By Cindy! Just wanted to say Congrats on winning the give-away. BTW, I love dogs too!!


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