A Life to Celebrate

I attended a memorial service last weekend with my husband and it reminded us that we are sojourners here on this earth.  We are just passing through.

Tom defined it as the best memorial service ever!  When asked why, he quipped: “It had everything:  Scripture teaching, humor, music and a catered meal.”

We celebrated Wally’s 83 years of life. I expected the service to revolve around his outstanding achievement of founding the Old Town Mission and feeding the homeless and hungry every Tuesday night.  His wife preached but Wally ran the show.

And, yes, the focus spotlighted his gift of serving, but I walked away with so much more to think upon.  This couple’s love story reflected God’s power and faithfulness.   Two broken lives found each other over 20 years ago and allowed Jesus to shape their future.  God brought bonus children to live with them who shared hilarious stories about Wally’s sweet tooth that made us laugh until we cried.

Many testified to Wally’s kindness and the way he looked for a need to meet and met it quietly.

His wife modeled bravery to us in those last days of his life.  I heard about the way she cared for her dying man despite her own weariness.  Her text to me a few days after he died stated:  “I sat on his bed holding him in my arms and watched him pass into the arms of Jesus as I sang the song: ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.’”  

Our God-given talents bring Him glory, but I left the service realizing how effective our every, ordinary days bring opportunities to extend God’s love.  

I don’t want to miss it!  I want my ordinary days to count, too, making sure I love and care for those He places in my path.  I’m convinced that at life’s end, how I loved and cared for others matter most.

Ordinary days plus a supernatural God makes for a life to celebrate!

The Lord cares deeply
    when his loved ones die.  Psalm 116:15


  1. What a great legacy to leave, inspiring others to love, care and act with good purpose.

  2. Oh.My.Goodness! The chocolate bar's tag inscription is so good. I need to write this down.

    Ordinary days + S.G.(!) are incandescent!

  3. Amazing how death can make us reflect on our lives.

  4. That scripture (Psalm 116:15) different translation was something I clung to after my mom died and I share it with others when they are grieving their loved ones. Wally I am sure heard "well done good and faithful servant" when he passed from this side of eternity to eternity!


  5. Such a beautiful and inspiring tribute, Mary. Your words stir a longing in my heart to be more of Jesus for those with whom I come in contact. Thanks for sharing with us about your dear friend.

  6. Beautiful, Mary. This really inspires me!

  7. Thank you so much, my friend, for sharing about Wally's funeral. His is the kind of life I desire to lead and it seems to be popping up at me every where I turn. Thank you so much for sharing his story...and your desire to be used of Him in the ordinary days of life because of your supernatural God! xx

  8. What a great post about a special couple. Despite the physical departure, it was her focus on Jesus that I think sustained her and always filled her heart with joy. The Lord is awesome and I love the words in that tag! Wow! Can't even comprehend how it's like to be with the Source of Light Who is eternal! Love and prayers sister Mary.

  9. The ordinary is the extraordinary.

    A wonderful reminder! Thank you.

  10. Oh, what a beautiful post! I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds like a wonderful man. I know you will be a great comfort to his widow in her grief. God bless you, sweet friend, and I hope you have a wonderful day! Sending you love and hugs!

  11. I love a glorious memorial of a Christian's home going. When Mother passed, we celebrated and opened the funeral with the song, "When the Saints go Marching in." Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  12. As usual, you wrote and wrote and wrote a lot of info. Bless you and thank you!!

  13. Moving post. You're so right. The profound legacy happens in the day to day struggles. Winning, the way God describes it can't be measured by a number or in a frame of time… it's measured over a lifetime.

    Your friends and you are setting a good example. I too want to make each day count.

    Thanks for sharing from your heart. I know you always do, but I want to acknowledge it. It is encouraging. It lifts a soul.

  14. What a powerful testimony to witness this man's life lived as a servant to the Lord, and to come away from the service encouraged to make your ordinary days count. It blessed me to hear about him, and I've never met him. Thank you for sharing this with me today, I'm encouraged to make my ordinary days count :)

  15. Love this! Glad to be your neighbor at Sitting Among Friends

  16. So glad I hopped over here from Sitting Among Friends. Both your blog name and post title caught my attention. Such a sweet story; it made me smile as I was reading. I love the quote, 'ordinary days plus a supernatural God makes for a life to celebrate!' Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Yes, how shall we remembered? That is what matters. After a the hustle and bustle, shall we remembered for our love for God and our fellow man or not? Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.

  18. Hi Mary! I am always so impressed by the talks and eulogies at funerals. Even though I think I know the person, I always learn something new and inspiring. I think it speaks to the humility of these dear souls, who make everyday a day to serve.
    Like you, I want my 'everyday' to be mixed in the presence of the Lord. Then it sure won't be 'everyday' will it?

  19. WOW! This has me teary eyed. What a sweet, sweet service it sounds like. Oh yes, I too want to make ordinary days count. Lord Jesus help me to do just that. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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