Feeling the Love

It’s our wedding anniversary today.  We’ve been celebrating all weekend!  Yesterday we woke up early, got dressed and headed to the Sedona Red Rocks.  I climbed up those red rock hills determined, even in my dress, to breathe in the fresh morning air.   The sturdy jagged mountains, copper colored, spotlighted from the warm morning sun surrounded us; I experienced a rush of gratitude.  God blessed us generously over the last forty-five years!

Our trek in the steep red elevation exhilarated us.  We drove through town and found a cute cafe for breakfast.  A burly, outgoing man, the owner, welcomed us while the woman drinking coffee at his table complimented my dress. 

“We’re celebrating today.  It’s our 45th wedding anniversary,” I replied.

The little cafe filled up quickly and we were surprised when the owner stopped by our table and loudly exclaimed that he had an idea to make “our” day special!  He burst into song: “Happy Anniversary to you…”

Everyone chimed in and serenaded us, clapped their hands and shouted their congratulations.  I guess 45 years rings of achievement to some.  The friendly owner longed to make our day special and he made it memorable for me when he shouted: “Hey, everybody, can you feel the love?”

I feel the love.  I felt loved in the party of strangers!  I felt Tom’s love more than his embarrassment.  Clearly we made it this far because we both soaked our marriage in our Savior’s love!  

We cherish you, friends!  We send hugs to you for all the prayers and love you send our way.

We’re grateful to our children for all their support over this past year.  They whisked us off for a special weekend of celebration.  They created good family times and wonderful memories for our 45th year!


  1. Mary, the two of you look like models! That dress is amazing ... but more so, the smiles on your faces.

    I can't get over how lovely and grown-up Susanna has become! This gladdens my heart!

  2. Mary, you both look radiant! Happy Anniversary to you both. I love your photos. Hugs.

  3. Love the picture of you two together! Happy Anniversary! 45 years is an achievement and a testimony of God's greatness and goodness. Glad you were able to celebrate the ways you did your very special day!


  4. Aw! Happy Anniversary to both of you. More years of happiness and love! Cheers!

  5. The header photo, your dress, you and bro. Tom and the whole family...Beautiful doesn't describe it! 45 years...In this world nowadays where divorces seem to be the only solution to a marriage that doesn't work, that cafe owner must be overwhelmed to hear the no. of years you two shared in a not so easy journey of being a husband and wife where change abounds. But you, two, serving the God Who doesn't change, and Whose love provides the only lasting kind of bond when we put Him in the center surely is the only way to win and have a lasting commitment. You two are surely winners! And I'm so happy for both of you. You're beautiful in that dress but it is your beautiful heart seeking after the Lord that awes me the most! Hugs to you sister and may you feel the prayers always agreeing with yours! I know the celebration doesn't stop just over the weekend. Happy, Happy Anniversary and God bless you and the whole family. Always.

  6. YAY!! Happiest Anniversary to you, Mary, and your Prince Charming, Tom. You two look so stunning in that picture - love the dress! And I can think of fewer places more beautiful to celebrate a special occasion than Sedona! However, hiking in a dress - kudos to you!

    May you have many more years together - enjoying the blessings of your relationship, and your love for each other and God.


  7. The great advantage you have from spending 45 years together is that you truly know each other--and that's a special gift. Happy Anniversary.

  8. Oh, wow, CONGRATULATIONS, sweet Mary and Tom!! You two make a very lovely couple...you complement each other so well! I loved seeing the pictures. Mary, you look just radiant in your pretty red dress! I know God uses the two of you together as shining lights for Him wherever you go. You two surely bless my life, and I am so thankful for you. Thanks for being an example of a loving couple who stuck it out together in whatever God permitted to come their way. Sending much love to both of you and many prayers, too. Trusting you are feeling well, Tom, and believing God to give the two of you many more happy years and anniversaries together!

  9. Hey everybody - I can feel the love ! Congratulations on anniversary 45. May you enjoy many more happy years together.

  10. And Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story. I love your dress, and hubby looks nice too.

  11. Happy Happy Anniversary!!!! Your anniversary breakfast sounds magical and God showed you His love through the kindness of strangers. How lovely!

  12. Mary, 45 years of marriage is certainly worthy of celebration and accolades! Congrats to you both on your commitment through the years. My twin and her husband just celebrated 30-something years yesterday. Wow. I wish more families stayed together. Thank you for being an example to those coming after you. You looked lovely in your dress, and Tom looked lovely, too. :-) I love the red rocks of Sedona. Glad you survived the heat!

  13. Happy Anniversary my blog friend.

  14. Happy Anniversary my blog friend.

  15. Happy Anniversary, my friend! I am so blessed by the way people recognized you and your hubby in that little cafe for the 45 years of life together with your sweetie. May God richly bless you for all the effort the both of you put into staying together all those years...and for all of those in the future.

    Loved seeing pictures of your family! Your grands are growing up so quickly! Everyone looks so happy!


  16. Too cool!!! Happy Anniversary!!! So glad it was special and even strangers joined in your celebration. What a gift. Praying God's blessings upon you and your family in all ways, Mary.

    I don't know about "Piles", but you do have a way of making me smile. Thanks for the gift on in your special week.

  17. Congratulations! How awesome! Aw, the Lord is so good, blessing marriages and giving us joy!

  18. Congratulations! i am just visiting here for the first time, came through Duta`s blog.
    It`s nice to see the smiles and the happy occasion!! Beautiful!
    Blessings from Japan!!


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