Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Movie Comes to Life

It’s uncanny when a new holiday movie comes out and resembles your personal life. 

I came clean to my husband on that drive to the Harkins in Sedona confessing that the movie got bad ratings.  It isn’t the type of movie that he would choose to see in the first place.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it one star.  My prince charming replied:  Let’s see what we think of it and rate it ourselves.”  Yes!  High five to his palm!

It started out as a fun afternoon date.  It would have been perfect if the lady directly in front of me didn’t have on super-strength perfume.  Smells can be troublesome when you’re prone to headaches.  I stuck my head in a big bucket of buttered popcorn; you know-- to alleviate her fragrance, because popcorn smell is less offensive.  What else is a girl like me to do?

We named the genre “drama with comedy.”  Cast of characters acted like the typical family scene at Christmas time.  On the drive to the show, we joked about what a Christmas movie contains.  This one delivered.

*A dog or pet would somehow mess with the food.  Check.

*Family members would irritate each other with dysfunctional habits.  Check.

*The no-no tense topics of religion and politics would be discussed at the dinner table.  Check.

Then it happened.  I saw myself on the screen when the aging mom clanked her water glass with her fork and proposed this question:  Let’s go around the table now and discuss what dreams you are hoping come true for you in the New Year.”

It’s embarrassing, but it defines me.  And just like at my house, her family makes disgusted faces, rolls their eyes and exclaims:   Oh, no, do we have to play this stupid game?”

After the movie, my date chose a lovely restaurant for dinner with southwestern cuisine and decor.  We enjoyed our meal in a cozy private booth with a crackling fire burning in the fireplace across the room.  Oddly, we both liked the movie!  We laughed about seeing ourselves in it. 

That being said, do you want to play?  OK, then!

This question is taken from a favorite Christmas read, The Christmas Conversation Piece, (Creative Questions to Illuminate the Holidays.)

If you could hire a skywriter to write a special Christmas message in the sky over your city or town, what would it be?”

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  1. Hi Mary, I am glad you and hubby enjoyed the movie and dinner. It is good and healthy that we can laugh at ourselves. Nowadays, my grown up boys will tell us certain truths about me and hubby and we have to graciously and humbly admit our mistakes and weakness and at the same time try to change for the better. Have a beautiful new week!

  2. Hi Mary, it sounds as if you and your husband enjoyed a good movie and meal together. I think it is very good to be able to laugh at ourselves, and to laugh with others, too. Laughter helps our health a lot. If we look at nature and all the animals, we know that God has a sense of humour, too! I love your header! Hugs. :)

  3. Sounds like a delightful time you and your hubby had with the movie and the dinner afterwards :) Glad you participated in the blog hop too :)

    I would write in the sky "Joy to the World, Truly the Savior has been born!"


    1. Your new header is wonderful!

      Oh, I had a laugh about you sticking your head in the hot buttered popcorn bowl. Wow, I haven't encountered any (obvious) cologne in a very long time.

      How you holiday queries make me smile! Off the top of my head, something I saw on a co-workers screen saver?
      "It's your precious life. Live it now!"

    2. Good grief, but I need to proof-read my grammar before hitting 'publish'! ... Really, I know better.

      Too, I wanted to applaud Tom's decision to see the movie anyway and form his own opinion!

  4. I have to remember, popcorn keeps headaches at bay:)
    I would were "Let the peace of Christ rule in you heart this season."

  5. I have to remember, popcorn keeps headaches at bay:)
    I would were "Let the peace of Christ rule in you heart this season."

  6. Talking about offensive perfume, I don't like flowery smelling ones. I stick to citrusy scent. Popcorn sounded like a smart deterrent!hahaha...and I could picture you not being obvious to what was bothering you.

    Glad you had a fun time. Both of you. What an awesome lesson, too! To always find out things for yourselves than go by what was heard!

    Just one word came to mind with the airplane writing in loops on those blue skies:


    I think without it, even a minute without it sounds so ominous to one's heart and mind. Thanks be to Jesus for the hope He gives.

    Still early but sending you a Merry Christmas and a new year that's filled with His heavenly blessings. Take care sister and thank you for being... You!

  7. Also...thank you for your encouragement at my place. Even in the prison, the air is so evil that I'm glad I got a break from working in it. No more fear with authority. Sad because a few bad apples corrupt the whole team!!!

  8. So thankful you and your husband had such a nice time! It is so funny when you can relate so closely to the characters!! Oh, my, that is so funny about you sniffing the popcorn to camouflage that lady's perfume!!! I know exactly what mean about the headaches and overwhelming scents...I guess some people think we all love to smell their strong perfume as much as they do! LOL!!! Anyhow, if I could dictate a message into the sky this Christmas, I think it would say this, "Be of good cheer! As I came the first time, so I am soon coming again! Lift up your heads! Love, Jesus" And sending much love to you, sweet friend. :)

  9. It sounds like a beautiful way to spend the day with your hubby. Sedona is so beautiful and at Christmas I love how everything is decorated. If I could fly a sign in the sky it would say, "You can have peace with God through Jesus."

    Blessings and love,

  10. Fun to read what words others would fly in the sky. I think I would just use one word: Grateful. And, I see eye-rolling to of my friends when I do an 'activity' like your question at the dinner table! Funny thing is I know they would be disappointed if did not do it! It has become expected.

  11. Fun to read what words others would fly in the sky. I think I would just use one word: Grateful. And, I see eye-rolling to of my friends when I do an 'activity' like your question at the dinner table! Funny thing is I know they would be disappointed if did not do it! It has become expected.

  12. I laughted when I read your description of the typical Christmas movie. It reminded me National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! I'm glad you and your hubby enjoyed the movie and the nice dinner afterwards. Have a great day.

  13. What a great post and I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could return the visit and read something wonderful. You are a great writer, Mary! You really set up the scene and you know, I've never asked questions at the dinner table but I sure do away from it! lol! And what a great question at the end of your post. Right now, with the turmoil we have all over the world, I would have a skywriter spell out "Peace On Earth". I think all of would lift our heads and pump our fists!

    Happy Holiday, Mary!

    Jane x

  14. Thank you for participating in my blog hop! It sounds like you had a great date with your husband. It is funny how so many Christmas movies start to look alike and we still enjoy them anyway :) My banner would say: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  15. How fun! I would write" "Stop rolling your eyes at me or you'll get coal in your stocking!"


  16. Thank you so much for being our new friend and linking up with us this week. I look forward to more posts. Love this story. I would love to sit down and have this conversation. What would I write in the sky? God With Us. Thanks for the fun game.

  17. I am so glad you enjoyed the movie and had a great date! What would the skywriter write? How about "Jesus came to earth once, and He is coming again soon !"
    Thank you for sharing your interesting story with us here at Tell me a Story.

  18. Mary, you just make me laugh so much. I can picture you clinking away at your glass, and I see the eyes rolling. (Gotta be honest, I might roll mine a bit too...just sayin')

    What would I write across the sky?

    "Jesus is the Light of the World!"

    It's a message I'd love to communicate to an increasingly dark and broken world.


  19. Awe...I always enjoy reading your blog. You amaze me with the way you tell a story my friend. So glad you and your man enjoyed a nice meal together. I couldn't help but laugh too when you said your children roll their eyes! Mine do too about things that I make them do or participate in during our holiday time together but I don't care... I still do it! day they will look back and laugh about it too as they will probably be doing some of the SAME with their families. Oh I love me some popcorn. My banner would simply have on it: John 3:16. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. First of all, the header is really cool of you! :) I love how you update it often and seasonal. :)

    Watching a movie with a dear one makes it more special, im glad that even at this time, you and your husband find this hobby fun, i wish my future wife and i become like that too someday, you're such an inspiration Mary. :)

  21. Great post! Love the imagery and humor in real life... Then the pondering of the question across the sky... The same one sent up from my heart almost daily I think; "Father we confess our sins, please heal our nation."

  22. AS usual, you shared and it was appreciated and thoroughly liked/loved by many of your words. Thank you much for continuing to spread this around the nation and the world. Bless you...

  23. Hi Mary, fun to read as usual. I couldn't help but smile at the 'check list'.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Blessings to you.

  24. I actually like movies like that. It's one of those in spite of movies. In spite of all their craziness and dysfunction the family really loves each other and rallies at the end. It always leaves me hopeful.;-)
    PS I think I'd write,"Peace on earth! Goodwill toward men!"

  25. If I could hire a sky writer to write a message over the Sedona sky it would say: "DON'T WORSHIP THE RED ROCKS. WORSHIP ME." God