The Best Time

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With Lois Honey

The nice thing about traveling is meeting people.   It wasn’t long before I learned that the fabulous gal seated next to me on the plane was a woman of faith.  My heart soared hearing her stories and all that God had done in her life. 

Thanksgiving is like that…it’s contagious!  She leaned toward me and asked this question:  “And what about you?  Tell me about the best time in your life.”

“Give me a minute here…”  I responded.

…Could it be when I married Tom?  Honeymooning in Jamaica, I remember thinking “I’m going to remember this paradise forever.  I may never be this happy again.”

But then we bought our first home and we learned how to wallpaper and I thought:  “Could I be any happier?”

Then our first born came.  She was sensational and I thought I would burst with happiness. 

In a neighborhood Bible study, I met Jesus personally.  I got set free; the chains fell off.  That had to be it.

Another baby came and I thought to myself:  “I will never be this happy again.”

Then we moved out west near my retired parents.  Our family thrived in the sparkling sunshine.  Life can’t get any better than this.  “I feel like I’m on vacation every day!”  I said.

Was the happiest time in my life when I landed a sales job with a great company and an awesome boss?   To work for a man of integrity, who treated his employees more like family than coworkers—was that it?

Was my happiest time when my daughters graduated from college and entered careers they were shaped for in their lives?

Becoming a grandmother is thrilling beyond words.  Was that it?

…I turned to her and answered:  “It’s now!  I truly know more of whom I am and why I’m here.”

This is the day the LORD has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
  Psalm 118:24

How would you describe the best time in your life?

I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving holiday.  I challenge you to look back over the years and all the ways that blessings have been sprinkled in your life.   May we always have hearts of Thanksgiving!


  1. How neat to share a flight with a believer :) All wonderful times you mentioned here; all definitely great times too. I like your answer you gave to your friend on the plane; I would have to second that.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  2. What a blessing to share some time with another believer! Such a lovely post, dear Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God bless you.

  3. What an amazing outlook, my friend. To believe that NOW is the best time in your life. And truly it is all we have. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. Now is precious. What a wonderful thought! Thank you for sharing your thankful God orchestrated your traveling with a fellow believer!!

  4. it is a gift to be able to live in the "now". Wonderful post, my friend. Have a blessed day.

  5. Mary, this is an amazing post because it makes me think about all the blessings throughout my life. We are blessed beyond measure and thank you for reminding me....I hope your Thanksgiving is blessed and the best ever.....

  6. wonderful, heart touching post my friend. love you.

  7. Hi Mary! You have found the secret to holiness my friend. It's finding joy and thanks in the moment. I am still learning that! Your sunny disposition, and ability to bring out the best in people is a testament to your faith and God's presence in you. Thank you for sharing that with all of us. You teach and encourage all-in-one!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Season my friend. Something tells me you will :)

  8. OK, first of all I continue to marvel at the way God gives us those *coincidences* in life!! What a wonderful meeting on that plane!

    You're right - life is full of happy moments, and some are in the past, and some are right now! The secret to appreciating them is keeping our eyes wide open and being thankful for them when they come!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May it be filled with faith, family, friends, fellowship...OK, and lots and lots of food!


  9. Thank you, my sweet friend, for causing me to think back over the years and the many many blessings God has sprinkled throughout them. My current blessing is reading here and being inspired by your story of the meeting on the plane! I trust that you and your precious family will enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  10. Thank you, my sweet friend, for causing me to think back over the years and the many many blessings God has sprinkled throughout them. My current blessing is reading here and being inspired by your story of the meeting on the plane! I trust that you and your precious family will enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving.

  11. Goodness, but this prompted some soul-searching! Looking back, I can readily identify my own Happy Times ... unfortunately, I didn't realize - nor appreciate - their impact until much later.
    Is this post my wake-up call?

    Wishing you and Tom and all those you love a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Teaching us about the moments should be lived, instead of thinking about the past, why not now? This is so amazing. It;s really nice to share a story with a total stranger, yet you share the common God, and everything seems to be so lite...

  13. It is thanksgiving and this fits in Mary. I like your I am still thinking...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    God Bless Mary

  14. Thank you for this Thanksgiving post. Everyday its thanksgiving day. I have learned to give thanks for big and small things. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family!

  15. Oh, of all the wonderful memories and blessings to understand that the most precious moment is "NOW." I really enjoyed this post and the lady God gave you for a new friend. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  16. I also loved your comment on my story "Aunt Hazel's Dating Advice." God has His ways to bring couples together - who belong together. ! :-)

  17. As usual, you filled hearts and attention and lots of encouragement. Thank you so much, Mary. You are always a special treat. Blessings...

  18. Your attitude and perspective is so encouraging and contagious. That is the correct answer... and I was struggling for the answer for myself as I was reading along.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your clan!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too sister Mary! Thanks for the holler but especially the prayers....Of course, I always feel the love and the prayers. The best time? That is hard to answer...Because we don't know sometimes the significance of each moment, whether in victory or defeat, I just know that the good Lord does turn everything into good and with a purpose. The best time I think for giving my heart to Him. Then, everything else starts falling into places in my life...Take care and God bless. Love to you.


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