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Marriage Tip #44: Do What He Wants

I thought about our upcoming anniversary.   I prayed one morning for the marriages in my family, and a sentence about my own dropped in my spirit:  “Do What He Wants.”  I paused, “Really?”  He’s his own man.  What if I end up in the wilderness camping by night and target shooting by day?  What if a coyote decides to have me as a late night snack?

We celebrated our anniversary early this year, Before the kids come next week.
Andwe did it his way.

This is how it happened.

I never asked him about a plan or even mentioned our day.  I remember how it all unfolded at the roundabout just as we drove into Sedona.  He asked me if I would like to go to a baseball game.  I responded excitedly, “Yeah!”  Before the day was over, he purchased tickets for a Diamondbacks home game. He printed them out.  He booked a hotel room so we wouldn’t have to drive home from the city after the late evening game.

He explained the Metro Light Rail system to me and how we can travel from the Wyndham to the baseball fiel…

Fleeing Like A Bird

Photo Credit:  Peggy James
I like it when people give me the heads up that they’re visiting our church when I greet them in the lobby.  Leslie told me she came from another city, 75 miles away.  She seemed nervous as we talked and stepped back outside for fresh air and a smoke.
The praise & worship started and Leslie slid into my row and sat next to me.
During the handshake break, she leaned in close and divulged through strong tobacco breath that she is homeless and living in the park.  I grabbed both her hands and reassured her she looked lovely because she did.  Her makeup in place, she sported clean clothes and a cute hairdo. 
Still holding her hands tight, I promised to protect her back with my prayers in the coming week.  Excited, she responded:  “Oh, how I love this church!”  She continued:  “I’m fleeing from an abusive man.  I’m a woman in flight.”
I wished I had some cash on me.  Tom took me out for breakfast that morning and decided at the last minute to pay in cash.  He wip…

The Lesson of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Years ago when I pretended to be Pioneer Woman of my small town’s newspaper, I caught wind of a story that circulated at the elementary school.

Second Grade Students wrote about “How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.”  I giggled at the teacher’s assignment but after reading some of the papers, I asked her if I could visit her class and talk to her students in order to feature them in my next column.

This is what I learned!
I learned generosity from a kid, Chad, who wrote:  “I put the peanut butter & jelly on each piece of the bread, and then I add more peanut butter & jelly and put it together.”
I learned organizational skills from a girl, Sunshine, who named each ingredient and wrote about shutting the refrigerator door when you take out the jelly and putting the peanut butter back after you make the sandwich.
I learned that specific details assure success from a black & white thinker named Jason who wrote:  “Only use Skippy Peanut Butter and strawberry jelly.”
One k…

The Daughter I've Never Talked About

Some kids bring home dogs; my kids bring home people.  Amy asked if Angie could live with us when they were in high school.
Tom and I had just transitioned into new careers.   I didn’t think we, as a family, had much to offer.  Amy countered:  “I have the largest bedroom and I don’t eat much.”  I left the room so she wouldn’t see me tear up.  Her dad had the final word and he said: “Yes.” 

Angie and Amy worked part-time jobs after school.  Our youngest attended Jr. High.  Life seemed hard at times, but I admit, our home radiated with laughter!
Challenges for me included: 1. Establishing boundaries 2. Sharing my faith  3. Teaching about purity from my pulpit…the kitchen island

All three liked boys and they were popular. 
This had to have been when my hair began turning gray at rapid speed.   I learned *survival* praying during this time.
Angie suffered with asthma attacks.

I suffered with migraines.

What does a mom and dad in a home look like?
Angie ALWAYS had a date on Saturday night except for…