April's Lessons

          Is it just me or did April fly by for you, too? 
          I learned a few things:

Passover Seders never lose significance.  We love to tell the story of our redemption over and over.   This year, two of my girlfriends joined us.  One of them, Gen, said as she left:  I will never forget this night.”  I learned she is searching for truth.  I hold her beautiful thank you note in my hands and pray:  “Help her to remember, Jesus, why this night is different from all the rest – because you, the Messiah, came to earth and delivered us!”

My Apricot and Apple trees are loaded with buds.  The bees are back in great number this year.  Spring brought warm days early on and my fruit trees budded.  Then temperatures dipped, threatening a freeze.  I didn’t want to lose my apricots.  At sunset, I stood in front of my trees commanding the temperatures to stay above 32.  The next morning, hubby was mocking the weather man and how he mistakenly predicted a freeze but it only fell to 35.  I told him what I did and he gave me that smile which I interpret as “You’re a crazy woman but I love you anyway.”  I learned that my neighbor covered her fruit trees with a bed sheet.  I covered mine with prayer.   

 My desk faces a new direction in my office and I like it this way.  My eyes bothered me when the computer screen was directly facing the bright sun so I turned the desk on an angle.  I had to find a way somehow to position my desk in front of the window so I could gaze at the scenery for inspiration when I work. 

      Where do you write?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot get a tattoo over an old tattoo.  You can.  That’s all I’m going to say about this subject.

 I learned that a new neighbor, an author from Manhattan, moved in just down the street.  We’ve not made a connection yet.  The couple does not attend our road association meetings or worse, even return our waves. 

My friend, Linda and I went to a presentation about insurance at the best Italian restaurant in town.  I learned that my indecisiveness possibly can penalize me, as well as leave me under-insured.  I dislike that weakness in me.  I passed up four trays of appetizers; that’s a strength I do like about me.

 I received an early Mother’s Day gift in the mail, Amy’s one-year photo.  I watched the photo shoot when I was out there and learned so much from the professional.  He was so good with her getting great expressions; I had a hard time choosing a favorite pose!  Don’t you love it when people are good at what they do?

How about you, anything stand out in April?

Joining today at Chatting At the Sky with writers who have learned something in April and lived to tell about it.  Let’s Share What We’ve Learned in April


  1. I went to a Passover Seder a few years back at a church we were going to at the time; so informative :)

    I like to have a window to look out when I'm working, especially of a pretty view :)

    I had a friend who got a tattoo over an old tattoo; she had her ex husband's name as a tattoo on her back, now she has a butterfly :)

    Hopefully your new neighbor will warm up the friendliness of Arizona. Maybe being from Manhattan, he doesn't know how to be friendly :)


  2. Love your April post and indeed, it had gone by so fast! I love all the info's, all the love between friends and your family everytime I come here. Most of all, you love for the Lord. Ha! What better covering for those trees but a faith-filled prayer! Here comes May! And may you have a wonderful last day of April sister Mary, and as we welcome May, may we always remain strong in His power.

  3. Great April post! Your little sweetheart is just adorable. I sit and write at my desk in my office and at my desk in my breakfast room!

    My life changed forever in April 2009. Today, six year ago my precious father went to heaven. I miss him terribly, I know he's out of pain and blessed.

    What a day to get asked this question! Interesting. Thank you.


  4. Oh, time flies so fast! We're almost halfway 2015 after this. Imagine that!

    You look like you're having a grand time though. :)

    Stay happy and productive.

  5. I had a splendid April too. I am glad yours was good too. I hope the rest of the months come with much blessings.
    Enjoy your weekend

  6. Hi Mary! I think your prayer made an excellent cover! I hope you keep your apricots too. I have dried ones in my cottage cheese all the time. Yum!
    Your granddaughter is so CUTE. I bet you miss her a lot. What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.
    A change in perspective can open up all kinds of possibilities...even when it's your computer chair.

    What did I learn in April? That healing takes time, but it marches on whether I can perceive it or not. That is good news :)
    Happy May!

  7. April did fly by fast. Really fast and we are now in May. I wonder how fast it is going to fly also.
    I can tell you though, I am so ready for summer and warm weather. Winter was way too long.

  8. Mary, coming over here I always feel so refreshed (and BLESSED).

    Your Passover Seder observances leave me wanting to learn more! I think that's a worthy "doable" goal, don't you?

    That's certainly disappointing about your neighbor'reluctance to smile and wave. Just keep on keeping on, girlfriend and I can't help but believe your beautiful smile won't wear down any barriers they may have (unwittingly) erected.

    Love this picture of Miss Amy ... love you!

  9. First, who doesn't want and need prayers? Thank you for keeping not only me but my work also. Very much needed as well as with the circumstances around us. Thank you to both of you.

    Second, I'm glad sister Carrie's hubby is okay and it reminded me of how angry people now are on the road it seems. Impatient, rushing, and other actions that don't benefit anyone but may result to so many unpleasant situations. Thank God for His protection.

    So, don't forget...sharks can be disoriented among the roots of the lilies and when they do, may they see where those roots originate...Let us not get tired doing good. It's not easy most of the time...Only by His grace...Love and blessings to you sister.

  10. You have lots of good memories. It was joy reading them:)
    Mine was a sad one when a younger sister died.


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