Here Comes the Sun

“I do 5 sit-ups every morning. May not sound like much, but there’s only so many times you can hit the snooze button”- Unknown

“If swimming is such a good way to stay in shape; Explain whales…”  Unknown

“I was just wondering how skinny I’d be if I had to pedal to keep the computer on?” – Unknown

My morning workout at the Rec Center could have taken place in a skit from Saturday Night Live.  I’ve never experienced anything like it. 

I am low-key and ultra focused so I mind my own business, wave to a few familiar faces, and keep my nose to the ground and get it done quickly so I can get out of there usually as the sun comes up!  Hence, it is not a social club for me. This morning’s routine took a detour.  The moderate pace on my treadmill with Matt Redman singing “Let Everything That Has Breath Praise the Lord” in my ear seemed ordinary and then this happened.

Out of the blue I found myself sandwiched in between two funny guys.   The guy on my left asked me if I knew how to program this thing (i.e. treadmill) and I told him I don't use the programs hoping he would leave me alone.  A minute later, he began to demonstrate how to walk on the treadmill.  I just smiled thinking to myself “Pay attention, dude, it’s what I am doing.”  Then he reached over to my machine monkeying around with my buttons to illustrate their purpose!   That’s when he lost his balance and fell off his machine backwards.  I really tried not to laugh at him.  He grabbed the side rails, trying to climb back on the fast-paced belt, his feet going everywhere. 

Hmm, I regained my composure and kicked up my speed.  Then the guy on my right began singing loudly to the song in his earphones.  Hilarious! 

I don’t know who these guys were or why they were messing with me.  They could have been actors in the recent comedy skit I watched on T.V. called “The Ten Things You Should Never Do at the Gym.”   Here’s two:

You never cross over to the next person’s workout area and touch their equipment
You never sing out loud to the song in your ear buds.  

They invaded my space!  They crossed the boundaries of gym etiquette.   Could it be a prank?  Hard to tell at this upscale facility with all the TV’s lining the wall and high tech equipment.  A camera could be on you and you would never know it.   Paranoia set in and I glanced around at the staff, working diligently as usual!   It surprised me; it was out of the ordinary!

Have you ever had a surprising out-of-the-ordinary experience in an ordinary routine?

But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness
 so that this day should surprise you like a thief.
1 Thessalonians  5:4

We all have said it at my house at one time or another:  “Today would be a great day for you to come for me, Jesus!”  We usually say it on the bad days when life is hard, or when we’re crying or when we have to go to the dentist!

It is settling to know that we believers, when it does happen… when Jesus comes for us-- will not be surprised or wonder what in the world is going on. 

I fantasize about Him suddenly standing in front of me and beckoning me to come.  I’m excited to see Him!  I never wonder what is happening!  I answer with “There you are, right on time.” I follow His lead and He takes me to be with Him and we live happily forever.  Selah

We don’t know when it will happen, but scripture assures us that it’s going to feel so right when it does!  We are expectant, not paranoid!  No pranks or hidden cameras!  

In the meantime, what do we do?  We live each day for Him, serving Him and keeping a watchful eye for the only one who can sweep us off our feet.


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  1. Oh, what a predicament in which you found yourself! I'd have had trouble keeping my composure after that know-it-all did his contortions! Ya think he was trying to 'hit on you' and didn't know how? :)

    Love the title to this post, Mary! A few years ago I wrote something about discovering Christ in modern music; how many song lyrics could actually be considered hymns.

  2. That's too funny! Maybe there was a hidden camera and you were on a new TV show as the victim of a funny prank... hope you were able to get through your entire workout!! Love your funny quotes at the start of your post!! LOL!!

  3. You are a dear! I chuckled when I read of your experience with the guy on the left. I wasn't chuckling because he fell backwards off his treadmill, but because I was trying to imagine you trying hard to not laugh at him. That had to be hard!

    And, yes, it is such a joy to know that we live expectantly waiting for Jesus to come for us. THAT is the treasure!

  4. It seems every day something out of the norm happens on the subway. I guess out of the norm is the norm on the subway. I like my structure at the gym, too. I turn on the treadmill and then it's just me and HGTV and I'm sticking with it.

  5. Had to laugh at this one, Mary. Maybe one of those guys thought you were cute and was trying to break the ice???

    I also think often of the Lord coming back for us. It can happen anytime. So, I try to keep my feet on the ground - but my eyes are always on the sky!


  6. I don't know when I have laughed so much! Enjoyed this post so much. And yes...waiting on God to say "Son, go get your children". Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Your title had my mind humming "Here comes the sun...and I'll say...'It's alright!!!"

    Hilarious is right! I was cracking up with your story about those guys. I could picture them and you trying so hard not to laugh.

    That was Friday night when I posted about floating to that facility I hadn't been in, in a long time. As I stepped out of my car, I was welcomed with strong gusts bringing swirling dust all over me. Worse, the clinic inside was also dusty. It had been that way even when I used to work there. I wanted to thank you and bro. Tom for praying for me. No wonder! My allergy didn't bother me. I was afraid it was gonna' get worse in that heat and windy condition. My co-workers were sneezing so much. I remained quiet all night and felt better. Thank You Lord for answering your guys' prayers. And yes, all the glory to our good Father. I'm keeping you in my prayers, too.

    So, when the Son comes, I'll say...

    "It's alright!"

    Love and hugs to you sister Mary. You surely know how to tickle our ribs.

  8. Some of the funniest things I've ever seen I've seen in the gym! It is sometimes the unexpected that brings light to a day.

    That's a great fantasy… love it when I see that word, "Selah". It's my youngest's middle name too.

    I've had days when I've quoted the old native American adage, from a Biblical perspective, "It would be a good day to die…"

  9. Oh yes, that guy was hitting on you and it serves him right to fall on his behind. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  10. Hi; first time visiting your blog and commenting on it :) Myra (Mevely317) invited me to take a look at it. My husband and I recently moved to Prescott this past January :)

    Oh my with your story about the gym and your experience with those guys on your side. I think I would have been a bit perturbed about it too!

    I look forward to the day of going home to Jesus. We have also said in the past "today would be a good day Lord for you to come back" when going through tough times. We're still here, so I guess he still wants us to do more work in furthering his kingdom :)


  11. Cute story....Made me smile. Hugs and wishes for a happy weekend.

  12. I was just waiting for you to say that the camera crew approached and said "Smile, you're on Candid Camera". You handled it really well, I would have been trying not to laugh, just like you were.

    He's coming, that's all I really need to know. I hope it's sooner rather than later. :)

  13. I love those funny quotes.

    Thanks for the laugh. Keep on sharing fun, heartwarming posts please. The world needs more of those.


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