White New Year!

An end-of-the year storm swept through our state of Arizona leaving five to seven inches of snow yesterday, New Year's Eve.  We get excited when that kind of thing happens because it is rare and all we usually receive is a dusting on the trees making them look refreshed and powdered.  But this white deluge was different!   Huge flakes fell all day and this morning, we woke up to a crisp winter wonderland!  Mother Nature outdid herself with a beautiful entry into 2015!  It brings out the kid in you, and my daughter sent me a photo of the snowman she created for fun!

Here I am by the grapevine wishing you a very prosperous and Happy New Year!  May God’s grace and blessings sweep over you like the freshly fallen snow!

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  1. Mary, I love your snowy pictures. The one of you and your hubby is precious and the one of you alone is just beautiful....I love your smile...

  2. What a perfect start to 2015! Snow was never something we had in California growing up either. I do love it... enjoy it while it lasts.

    Thanks Mary, for your firendship on this page, and the wise and lovely way you share your heart.

    Love you sister!

  3. I like looking at snow, but not walking through it. Blessedly we had beautiful clear skies and I walked to visit friends in the neighborhood. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercup's and happy wishes for 2015.

  4. Thanks for sharing at somuchathome.blogspot.com!
    Please Lord, let it snow here in South Georgia.
    God bless.
    So Much At Home

  5. I always enjoy keeping up with your doings via Facebook. You're never very far. But I love this more expanded update and all the lovely winter scenes.

    Wishing you & yours the best ever new year. Huge hugs ...


  6. Awesome winter pictures. The beauty of winter. We had it here at Christmastime, but now it is all gone:)
    Happy New year:)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by the other day. It's so nice to know that you're out there. I love your snow pictures. I like seeing not feeling. LOL!
    It's been in the 80's here for quite a while now. I'm not complaining.

  8. I always love the first snow every year. We haven't had one yet this year. But you had a beautiful one. Enjoy it. And wishing you the happiest of New Years !

  9. lovely photos, and lovely start of the year post. Indeed so refreshing and so uplifting. I particularly loved the verse you quoted with your photo above... it was the word spoken to me by our Abba father as well for this year!

  10. Hi Mary! Happy New Year! That snow is just amazing! I used to live in Tucson, and we never saw snow on the ground, just in the mountains. Looks like you were ready for it though :)

    May you have a wonderful and graced new year. I hope we will walk this time together, encouraging and sharing!


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