The Eve I Will Always Remember

We've enjoyed some fun Christmas Eve celebrations as a family.  A few years ago, however, I wanted to cancel Christmas.  The kids wouldn't let me.  Instead, they picked up the slack and put together a celebration I will always remember!  I invite you to read the rest of my story at, her web site:   Women Walking With Jesus,


  1. Oh Mary, I sit here with tears streaming down my face. It would be just like your Carrie to come up with the name of Miracle Christmas when she was in need of such a great miracle herself...and oh richly He blessed her (and your family) with that miracle. Yes, it was not without agonizing times ahead for all of you, but in the end He gave that miracle...with so many more to follow.

    Love you, Sister!

  2. Mary, I so loved this!
    Can't believe it's been 5 years already ... but what wonderful changes He has wrought!

    PS - Couldn't help but chuckle at the vision of y'all enjoying military (?) MRE's!

  3. When I used to work in a hospital, I remember how painful it was for some patients who had deep wounds from traumatic accidents for their dressings to be changed and the wounds needing debridement. Sometimes, no amount of pain killers could ever help. But the process must be order for the wounds to be healed.

    I remember those times of unseen painful wounds in your heart and that of sister Carrie's. What a beautiful attitude she had of remaining to be positive at a painful time in her life. In choosing to face her pain, sister Carrie and your family receive a wonderful blessing of sharing your pain with that of others. I truly admired those patients who I thought of were very courageous to face the debridement process. Much more with what transpired in your family as you celebrate the Healer's birth. May you have a wonderful Christmas always remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power. Hugs and prayers sister Mary.

  4. Hands down, that is one of the most creative and beautiful ideas I have ever heard. How fun! This sounds like something my family might enjoy.

    But, the idea of the gold box and prayer requests. Mary, that is inspired! Your dearest daughter, even with her own broken heart, her heart still broke for others. What a treasure she is!

    I love this idea, too. Praying for others, giving them the gift of bringing them before the throne of God.

    Pondering the implications of this idea in my life.



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