The Botched Cookies

For years I have boasted how I love cookies and enjoy baking them.  I’ve accumulated five-star recipes and confidently bake them, package them real pretty at Christmastime and give them as gifts.  That’s why no one was more surprised than me when I dumped a tray of homemade brown sugar cookies in the trash just days ago.  They were awful, inedible.  A good baker knows when to improvise and when to follow the recipe to a tee.   This recipe called for a cup of unsalted butter.   I added a cup of margarine instead, and it ruined the whole salty batch.  I was left with nothing.  I didn’t follow directions.

Sometimes I do that in life.  I do things my way instead of the preferred way, the well tested way that insures success.  Who then can I blame then when the consequences turn sour?

One of my favorite topics preached at Christmastime is forgiveness.  To me it is the essence of why Jesus came to earth.  Sunday’s sermon taken from Matthew 5 came alive to me.  Jesus advises us that if we come to church and its offering time and we realize someone has a grievance against us, it’s vital to leave our gift at the altar and go make it right with that person before presenting our gift.  We Christians have heard this teaching time and again.  It is so contrary to the world’s way of pointing a finger at someone's faults instead of humbly making it right between me and the other guy.  Our pastor’s words hung like distended swollen clouds over the sanctuary as he challenged us to consider what is out of order in our lives.  He gave us the recipe for success here but are we following through?   “Imagine a church forgiving this way and being this healthy!” he exclaimed.  What a witness that would be to a dying world.

Forgiveness of offenses is a great recipe for a successful life, but I realize it only works if I follow it without my own parameters.  Just like baking up a batch of a tried and true cookie recipe but changing an ingredient, the final result won’t be good.  I want my cookies to be delectable and I want my spirit to be healthy, especially at Christmastime.  I’m thinking I better stick to the recipe.

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Holly Barrett


  1. What a powerful message, Mary! (Tho' I had to snicker at the visual of you dumping those poor calories in the trash!)

    In this age of real and perceived grievances, Forgiveness is a pretty tall order.

    Love ya,

  2. Mary, I am so totally NOT known for my cooking or baking skills. So, if I ever tried to make cookies, it truly would be a BOTCH of cookies (not batch)!!

    I love the lesson you taught about forgiveness. Yes, following the recipe is always the best idea when it comes to God's words. His Word teaches us what works best - not arbitrary laws, but His perfect wisdom teaching us how to be the best we can be, and honor Him in all we do.


  3. Had been baking some cookies lately and some of them or good and some not so good. That what is good with our Father is that He gives us new chances everyday. To love, forgive and be forgiven:)

  4. Man… I can relate to this. You're not alone in trying to make things up to suit what's easiest, sister. But thanks for the reminder...

  5. I had the same issue with a tricky one cup cake recipe I'd never tried before. I did several substitutions and I had to throw the whole thing out. Not edible. I stuck to the recipe the next time and it's good. I work daily on not holding a grudge and it's a challenge, but one worth doing.

  6. I definitely want to follow God's recipe, Mary! His list of ingredients are perfect. Inspiring post!

  7. Hi Mary! This was such a good word, really well thought out. Sometimes those cookies just don't turn out, much like my own stubborn self with forgiveness. I love to be forgiven, but do I turn around and do the same to my friends and family? It truly is a life-giving virtue.

    Nice to see you again!


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