They Like Peanut Butter Too!

The highlight of last week was meeting my blogger buddy in person.  Myra, Respice Prospice (don’t you love that blog name?) visited my town with her DH.  I met them, along with my DH, for breakfast.  I was excited.  My husband had to tell me twice to catch my breath as we drove to the restaurant.  He asked me if I will recognize this couple.  I assured him that although I wouldn’t recognize her other half, I would know Myra in a nano second.  “You’ll like her!”  I told him, because you like me and she’s a lot like me except that she is very tiny.  So that is why when I greeted her at the café, the first thing out of my mouth was “Gee, you are tall just like me.” When will I ever get use to being wrong?

The four of us had a wonderful time.  It was the biggest blessing to me because they like music just like us and it tickled me to see my dear husband enjoy male camaraderie and share his favorite topic!

Myra is genuine and as interesting in person as her written posts.  Blogging has its rewards and meeting up in person is the best part.  I love reading other bloggers’ posts about meeting too.  It is so much fun to actually see with our eyes the person we think we know so well and, as in my perception, to be surprised (and delighted) to observe our similarities.

A few days ago I read a cute post written by my friend Sharon that targeted our physical appearance here on earth compared to what our bodies will look like when we all get to Heaven.  I giggled when I read it, clickhere, because that very day I met Myra and although I was off a few inches in height, I perceived well what I thought she would look like.  Unfortunately, I will not get to meet every one of my blogging buddies this side of Heaven, but in the “eternal hereafter” we’ll recognize each other!  Talk about a fun blog party!

What do you think it will be like?  It is so much fun to imagine!

I'm linking today to Hazel's wonderful collection of true stories.

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  1. How wonderful to meet a blogging buddy. I have several that I would love to meet, perhaps at a conference, or like your friend did, travel to their city.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  2. Aw Mary, when I first spotted your header I burst out laughing ... and smiled may way throughout! I'm pretty sure our 'first' breakfast won't be our last!

    Heaven! You've touched on something I think all of us have wondered at one time or another; basically the only way I can calm my mind is to remember, "Lean not on your own understanding."
    Have you seen "Heaven is for Real?" I loved what the little boy said about everyone being young!

    Love ya,

  3. That's awesome sister Mary... The fun was overflowing I'm sure because you instantly feel that "bond" from His love. Take care.

  4. what a fun filled post this was, meeting a blog buddy face to face! I agree with you, this is one of the most wonderful things that can happen. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could meet someday? But as you say, if not on this side of Eternity, certainly on the other side! And there will be no end to the fun and the laughter!


  5. PS - do you like peanut butter? I do, too!

  6. That is so good of God to set that meeting up for you and your blog buddy. I often think how much I would love to meet so many of the ones I follow. Their words have touched me over and over, given me courage when I needed it. It's easy to write with a broken heart and not be able to share it for many different reasons. There are days a battle is going on and I start blog reading and there it is, a word from the Lord...thanks God for all the bloggers who give our encouragement. Love this Mary.

  7. I could so relate to this post.I have dragged my husband on many such meetings of blogger friends and have never been disappointed! I just found out a lady I blog with is visiting her son in my hometown that I am flying into in a few weeks. We are hoping we can meet!


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