Rescued from another Nasty Habit

What do you do when your LDL Cholesterol is way too high and you can’t tolerate the meds the doctor prescribes?  This is what I’m doing to get healthy…read more of my journey at Women Walking With Jesus, Click here.


  1. Loved this, Mary! Left you a note over at Women Walking with Jesus. :) xo

  2. I enjoyed your article at Women Walking With Jesus. Maybe enjoy isn't the right word but I was impacted by it. I have the same struggle with sweets and really went overboard when my granddaughters were here last week. With Jesus help. I know I can get back on the right track to feeling good. Thanks for your post.

  3. Mary, this article could well have been written about me (or for me ... I can't decide which is correct.)

    I always prided myself on my discipline, but lost all focus on the last year. Just yesterday I bowed my head and told Jesus, "I can't do this alone."

    Thank you for helping me realize, I'm not alone!

  4. Awesome post! And what truth! I love the way our Lord responds to our questions...Always short and simple. But straight to the point!

    Stay strong sister and thank you for always encouraging us too...

  5. Great posts on the practical ways in which God instructs us in our daily lives.


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