Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

I treated my man to a breakfast buffet at the casino this morning and did we splurge!  My plate was filled with scrambled egg & cheese, homemade biscuit and honey, chicken fried steak, a slice of ham, bacon and yogurt and nuts topping it all off with pastry and coffee.  On our way out to the parking lot, we passed a Native American woman who hit the jackpot and won $1,000.  We watched.  She didn’t bat an eyelash.  She just kept playing her machine.

We then headed out for an adventure.  I’m looking for a round, small outside table for my back deck.  I already have two chairs, but I need a table for those special occasions when the evenings are cool and we want to eat dinner outdoors and watch the sun set.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money so picking up something used and refurbishing it to my taste would be ideal.  We followed the bright painted signs to garage and yard sales in the area. 

I started having fun when I met an eight year old girl who had all the talent of a professional salesgirl.  Her section of the yard sale was filled with Barbie dolls, Princess books to read and to color and lots of toys, mostly pink.  She had everything laid out neatly and asked me if I had a little girl.  I told her I had a five-year old granddaughter and wondered what to buy her.  With that, she carefully chose a Barbie sing-a-long player and demonstrated how to use the buttons and microphone.  She sang the lyrics to the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  That song always makes me want to rock out, so I danced along as she sang and that’s when her grandmother arrived on the scene to get a closer look!  Yes, I did buy the toy for our little Sookie and I’m hoping she will enjoy it as much as I did with my little friend! 

I never did find a table so my plans for the back deck are on hold.  Of all the people we met sailing from yard to yard, we both smile when we think of that little gal who gave us a sales presentation that deserves an award!  I think it’s funny, too, that I can’t get Cyndi Lauper’s song out of my head!  Yeah, girls they want to have fun!

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  1. You probably blessed that little girl as much as she blessed you. When we have garage sales it always makes me happy when people take the time to look at what my boys are selling instead of just passing them by.
    I hope you find your little table.
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. Garage sailing is so much fun! thanks for buying that little toy for Sookie! I'm sure she'll love it. What about that woman who won $1,000 without batting an eye?!? I once won $75 years ago, and I still talk about it like it's my greatest casino accomplishment ever! ha!

  3. What a fun, fun day!
    It's cute how that little girl's g'ma came charging over ... probably startled to see a grown-up actually taking time to engage and 'play' with her grand. :) Paying attention ... what a gift!

  4. That young lady is a true entrepreneur in the making!! And great, Mary, now I'm going to be singing that song all day tomorrow!!

    Best of luck finding the table. But isn't the *hunt* almost as much fun as the *find*???


  5. Hi -

    Thank you for that sweet and precious read.


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