A Surprise in the Groceries

I had favor in the grocery store that surprised me.   Another shopper lifted my spirits.  She was a giver not a taker.  I met her in the checkout line.  She motioned to go ahead of her because she was waiting for her husband.  He returned just as I began to load my 20 or so items on the belt!   As I hunted for my rewards card in my purse, I noticed her next to me again, this time in front of me and not behind.  “Is it OK if I bag your groceries?”  I thanked her.  The cashier thanked her.  She responded: “I haven’t dropped your eggs yet so that’s good!”  I chided:  “Are you the type that can’t stand still for a second?”  Laughing, she said:  “I didn’t want to have to squeeze past you to get back in line, so while in front, I thought I’d help.”  I told her that I felt blessed.

As I pushed my cart to my car, I thought about her. Why did I just receive this favor and why did her kindness cheer me up so?  The answer came…she gave me my love language, “acts of service.”   When I feel loved, I want to love back.  I feel compelled to love.  Giving someone their love language is personal and powerful gift.

There are five love languages according to Gary Chapman that make us feel loved:  1)physical touch, 2) words of affirmation, 3)quality time, 4)giving gifts, 5)acts of service. 

What is your love language?  It’s good to know how to bless those close to us with their love language but what is surprising is to meet a stranger and be blessed.  Was she following the lead of the Holy Spirit?   The Lord knows everybody’s love language.     I felt His touch!  That’s what happened to me today.

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  1. I actually think my love language is two of them - or I just can't decide between the two of them!! Quality time and words of affirmation. The two of them are intertwined, I think.

    The challenge sometimes is that it's natural to use our own love language to reach out to others, but sometimes that doesn't seem like love to them. The challenge is finding their language and using it.

    What a wonderful story you shared here today. It cheered me up, too. Good will...pass it on!


  2. Love languages are invaluable. Mister is words of affirmation and physical touch, mine are acts of service and quality time. Knowing what the other's language is enables you to keep their tank filled! Invaluable info in our marriage.

  3. What a wonderful blessing you received. I know she was blessed in return. For me, physical touch and quality time are my two big love languages.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Action speaks louder than words...I think it's her heart "walking the talk!" That's awesome when you meet someone like her and I'm glad you did! Have a great rest of the week sister and be strong always in the Lord's power.

  5. What a blessing you received at the grocery store! Acts of kindness showing love. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  6. Precious, thanks for sharing.

  7. Love really is an act, not just a feeling. And your response of gratefulness didn't go unnoticed. I believe it was a direction of the Holy Spirit regardless of what she might be. It's all His! He is sovereign! Great story!

  8. Oh Mary, I can only imagine what you thought when that gal began bagging your goodies!
    It's a sad commentary on what society's becoming that (when reading) I started thinking the worst was going to happen.

    'Can't think of anyone more deserving of some random love ... thanks for sharing this!

  9. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, dear Sister and Friend. I'm blessed not only by the lady's act of service ministering to your love language, but also by the tender way in which you shared. Love you!

  10. Hi Mary! My son in law is a social worker, and he told me that my love language is 'giving gifts'. My husband likes to do things for me. I had never heard of this before he mentioned it. So this is a timely post for me!

    What a blessing to see the work of God and his generosity in his people...in a trip to the store. He is an amazing God!

  11. I couldn't help but be misty eyed as I read this story. You also had a way of sharing it so beautifully in which the kindness of your own heart shone through. God was just so happy to bless you that day, but I am sure the lady behind you was even more blessed. He who gives receives, he who teaches learns! It is always an honor for me to connect with your life, dear Mary. MUch love, Lidia

  12. Leave it to the Lord to know exactly who to place on our path; and how best to bless us. I'm an "acts of service" sorta girl myself. Nothing like a lavish layer of love!

  13. Mary, this is a good post. I loved finding out what my love language was and others too. It give us some understanding people and understanding will act accordingly. Blessings my sister.

  14. Hi -

    I enjoyed reading that piece. Thank you for sharing it.

  15. What a nice gesture of love and an inspiration:)
    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend:)


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