Cake Is No Substitute for Approval

It’s not that cake is evil, but its lure shouldn’t control me.   I admit, it’s the thing I like to run to when I’m sad, or my feelings are hurt or some other stressor reels me in.  It’s a pattern I want to break but it’s hard.  It’s been there for some time.  Yes, it’s an idol.

It helps to admit these things.  It helps to know other women struggle with things too and want to reach higher.  I know I’m not alone.  I want to be stronger, healthier and a focused Christian woman willing to throw away an idol that trips me up.

Last week I met with a small group of girlfriends.  I thought I had the upper hand since I like white cake, unlike these chocolate gluttens gushing over a chocolate cake we all shared!  Out of nowhere, I told my embarrassing story of how, years ago, my girls got together and fixed me a wonderful birthday dinner.  For dessert, they went to the bakery and purchased a Boston cream pie.  My response was so darn ugly and I said something like “After all these years, I’m surprised you two haven’t noticed that my favorite dessert is a simple white cake, not rich cream.  I guess you bought what you like.” I hate remembering the look on their faces…because of the wrong dessert choice?   One of the gals in the group smiled and mentioned how she loved this because perfect motherhood is a myth and we each have our horror stories.  I felt bad though when one gal retorted, “I only wish my response to cake was the culprit to my relationship with my son.”

It’s not a matter for me to observe or not to observe Lenten practices religiously.  But I discovered an opportunity to go deeper and find my comfort in God’s approval, not sweets!  Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote a book called Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval - and Seeing Yourself through God's Eyes.  In that same vein, she is hosting a challenge on her blog, Tell His Story. Jennifer invites those who are hungry for love to join her in a Lenten journey. 

Check it out and come aboard as we smash some of these idols and exchange them for God’s approval!  He loves us.  Easter morning is going to pretty special this year.


  1. I love your transparency, Mary. No doubt that's why we're such kindred souls.

    You're telling my story. Shortly before we moved back to WA State I lost close to 30 pounds. In the 4 1/12 years since we've been here, my share of the cake has added back 20 of those. It's just tooooo easy to give into the flesh where matters of "taste" are concerned.

    Great, meaty post!

  2. Hi Mary! Your plan to join Jennifer for Lent sounds wonderful I'll have to check out her site for the details.

    I am also a slave to food and it does bother me. Maybe I can help make this Lent a cause to work on liberation. I'd love that! Thank you for this informative post. The book sounds great :)


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