We're on the Road to Skinny

The Bible tells us that when we’re not feeling good,
 to call on the elders of the church and they will pray for us to get well. (James 5:14)  

My husband is a healthy weight these days but just a few years back, he was severely heavy.   I worried about him and so did the kids.  The doctor put him on statins for high cholesterol.  The man is large-boned and tall and loves to cook and eat!  It took months, but he lost over 50 lbs. by modifying his diet and exercising.  He has stellar blood pressure!  It was an interesting journey, thus far.

I thought about that journey this morning when I was at the Rec Center working out on one of the machines.  Across the room, I saw my husband break from the fitness equipment and chat with an old friend.  The old friend happened to be one of the pastors on staff at a church we attended some years ago.  I remember marveling at his weight loss so I sought him out and asked if he would pray for my husband to get healthy and trim down.  After all, he fought the battle and won!

Our daughters prayed for their dad, as well.  Our youngest just learned she was pregnant and she wanted her child to have a fun grandpa to play with, not a big fat one that puffed after activity.   She even bribed him!  She prayed that whatever it took, her dad would turn over a new leaf.

Months later, my husband developed a sinus condition that affected his taste buds.  All sweet things became bitter.  He passed up desserts and the weight began to fall off.  Motivated, he picked up an old love, weightlifting.  He changed his diet and grew big muscles.  He joined a health club.  Today he is strong and driven.  I am jealous of his energy!  He is even able to eat sweeter things again occasionally.

Running into that pastor friend this morning makes me realize how much God really cares about us.  He puts just the right people in our lives for the right purpose.  We’ve not arrived, but at our house we’re on the road to better health.  I’m glad we both want to get thinner; it makes cooking and certainly exercising together a lot more fun!  

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  1. Mary, did I need your words of wisdom this morning....I continue to struggle with my weight and after reading your post, I know I need to turn this over the the Lord completely...I think I am still holding on to wanting alittle more sugar than my body needs....So glad you and your hubby are getting physically fit...I know it makes such a difference in how you feel....

  2. Wish you luck in your journey. I have spits and starts on the same road to skinny. Right now my journey continues to be a stand still. I pray for your husband and you that you continue to improve your health this year.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  3. I would like to take a walk down Skinny Road, too. About 4 years ago, I lost quite a bit of weight. I am sad to say that many of those pesky pounds found their way back home to me...

    In light of my father's death, and the once-again realization that life is short, I am going to try once more to lose some pounds and get myself exercising.

    Your husband's story is an inspiration.


  4. YES! Right place, right time, right people, right pray-ers... all works together to get the God-job accomplished. All we can count on.

  5. What a lovely story. I am happy for you both:)
    God is really good!

  6. That is me needing to lose a few pounds,and the sweets must be the key. I am happy your husband was able to turn his weight around and I know God was in it too.
    Thank you for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  7. Oh Mary...what an encouraging post this is! Pray for/with me about losing some weight? xo

  8. Prayer is the key to all things..even weight loss. :)

  9. Hi Mary! Thank you for sharing the story of your husbands road to fitness. I really need to make 2014 the year of 'overcoming'. Maybe that should be my word for the year?

    How fun to have time with him to share in exercise. I'm sure you motivate each other.

    Happy Weekend!

  10. So happy to hear your Hubs lost so much weight. My Husband right now is on a weight loss journey. He had stopped eating Cane sugar completely, but since he had his knee replacement, he is eating a little more of it than I would like. Once he heals, I hope he gets back on track.

  11. Dear Mary, I am so glad I was able to visit a few friends in the blog neighborhood this morning. YOur story is so encouraging, and makes me rejoice that you and your family are taking health seriously. We have to be healthy to walk through the spiritual open doors of this new year! And I rejoice with you as well for how He has protected your car from gasoline leaking to the electrical parts! SO many things to thank God for... and as for me, I take time to thank Him that I am finally back home, with very many beautiful memories of my wonderful visit to your country. It was an awesome end to 2013 and a hopeful beginning to 2014 for me! And I thank God for you, that God has given me the gift of your friendship to warm my heart as I keep on sharing my life stories through my blog. Blessings...


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