Help! 65 Candles and My Cake Is On Fire!

The clerk at the DMV whispered “You do not look 65” when I renewed my driver’s license the other day.  I wanted to jump up over the desk and hug her!   I knew those Polish genes would rescue me someday.

When my girlfriend, Lea, turned 65, she had a meltdown.  We were unable to console her for days.  But that wasn’t the way for my sister, Judy.   After her birthday, she wrote:  “You are going to love 65, retiring and entering into a whole new freedom.”

My birthday is Friday, January 31st, but I’ve been living it up all week.  A breakfast adventure with a girlfriend.  The kids made a special salmon dinner—with homemade cake for dessert.  My husband took me to one of our favorite mountain towns where we enjoyed an intimate lunch and then saw the movie, Saving Mr. Banks.    It’s not so much about gifts for me as it is quality time together, but the kids are generous.  I now have a year’s pass to the Rec Center and a new Ipod. 

So how am I going to look at this milestone, with cake and balloons or a pity party?  One thing I know from my Christian heritage is that when anything seems huge, it’s time to be thankful for what God has done.   This week I’ve kicked thankfulness into high gear.  I’ve been reflecting just how very blessed my 65 years have been.

·        I was born into a wonderful family.  My siblings are some of my dearest friends.
·        I’m thankful for a soul mate of 42 years to share my journey.  He was there when our two daughters were born, holding them—holding me and snapping pictures like crazy.
·        Amy was always dressing up as nurse and taking care of everyone.  I was on the front row when she received her pin and became a RN.
·        Carrie blossomed when she became a mother.  She is an awesome hands-on mom and her children are blessed.
·        Both girls married wonderful men and now I have sons!  What is neat is that they all are friends.  Our family times are loving times.
·        My life has been sprinkled with powerful friendships with women.
·        Don’t get me started about the thrill of being a grandmother.    
·        When I look back at vacations, I’m amazed at all the places I’ve been!
·        I am blessed with the best on-line friends a girl can have, some of whom I’ve met in person!
·        I have a personal Savior and know how deeply He loves me.  He promised me eternal life!

I chose Celine Dion’s song, “Because You Loved Me” to go with my slideshow.  It’s fitting for my life, thus far.    You can hit pause on the sidebar if you don’t want to listen to it.  Feel free to watch a few slides or the whole show.  And if you want to razz me with “over the hill” jokes, I can take it!

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  1. Precious Mary - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I wrote that in capital letters in case your soon-to-be 65 year old eyes couldn't read the small print! LOL)

    Seriously, wishing you a year full of happiness - fun, family, friends, and fellowship with God.

    May He richly bless you with all good things.

    And, let me know how to put the fire out on that cake! I'm gonna have 60 in a few months...and I'm not sure that I can blow them out anymore!!


  2. Mary, Happy Birthday....I loved watching the video. You have been blessed with a beautiful family. I know God has many more blessings for you in the coming years...Your friend is right....the fun begins now....

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday sister Mary and what a wonderful post! Each word radiating with your love for God and your family and friends.

    That was awesome that they complimented you when you went to DMV. When I had to renew my license, it was time to take a new pic after many years. I could tell the lady was hesitant to ask me:

    "Any changes?"

    Adjusting my eyeglasses, I replied,"Just look at me..."

    God bless you and give you many more years!!! Love and blessings to you sister.

  4. Happy birthday! So nice to hear Celine Dion's voice on your page. I am from, and live in Montreal, Canada, where Celine is from! Hugs.

  5. Happy birthday Mary! I was crying as I watched your video. I also had to laugh at some of the styles and remembered myself in them too. :) You are such a blessing to so many people, including me. God is so good and His joy is evident in you. I am so honored that you and I had the pleasure of getting together in person twice now and praying together with Kathleen. I hope we have the opportunity again.

    Blessings and love,

  6. Happy Birthday, Mom! I will repeat to you what Susanna says to me all the time, "I'm so glad God chose you to be my mother!" I love you! And I loved the slideshow!

  7. I was honestly sorry when your slide show ended! :)
    Yes, you're incredibly blessed ... as we are to know you, Mary!

    I can't wait to see what great pictures you've in store for 2014!

    Happy birthday!!!


  8. Happy Birthday! You really are making 65 look great!

  9. Happy Birthday!!! And yeah, you don't look your age! Good for you! I think that is a gift from God. May He bless you more with each passing year.

  10. Happy Birthday Mary! I loved your video, you made that yourself? What beautiful daughters, and of course I have a soft spot for your nurse, being one myself!
    That poodle skirt photo was a hoot!
    God has greatly blessed you. I am so glad you have family and good friends to celebrate your life.


  11. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, loved the slideshow.

  12. For sure getting older is not for sissy's. I think at 65 you get to start backwards on your birthday so you will be 64 the next one. They do say we turn into children again when we sandbox here we come. Happy Birthday .

  13. Happy Birthday. I turned 65 in August so I can relate. I've also been married 42 years and have a daughter named Carrie that is a wonderful mother. Because we have so much in common I will know how to pray for you. Have a wonderful 65th year. You are blessed and I pray blessings on all your family. Peggy

  14. Your a beautiful 65...I enjoy being many blessings to ageing if you do not focus on the aches and pains, wrinkles and memory loss....

  15. Mary, I don't know how I missed this one, but a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my friend. That slide show brought tears, with Celine in the background... it was perfect. Your are so blessed, and the pictures said it all.

    I agree with the clerk, you don't look 65 at all!! And besides, 65 is now 45, right?

    Blessings & love,



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