Looking for fall in all the Wrong Places

We got ahead of ourselves this year.  Last week, we headed north from Sedona up through Oak Creek Canyon and didn’t see one trace of autumn!  It’s always a pretty drive through the canyon and I hope I never take beautiful Sedona for granted.

I found a lovely red tree to photograph in the mountain town of Flagstaff.

We stopped at IHOP for a bite to eat.  I’ve  had a hankering for the newest thing on their menu…red velvet pancakes!

Ma and Pa sitting on a bench at IHOP!

Flagstaff is a very liberal college town with a huge used bookstore  that we like to visit.  I carried in my box of used Christian books for trade, but when I checked out, I was surprised not one book in my box was accepted.  I was told that either my books were too outdated or there wasn’t a market for them.  I asked the clerk “You have a large Christian section which seems very popular.”  “Yes” was how the liberal clerk replied.  This all is fishy to me because some of my Christian novels in that box were released within the past year! 

So I leave you with this verse :   Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever, Hebrews 13:8.  The Word never changes like an outdated book or goes out of style.  Aren’t you glad? 


  1. Awesome pictures and you and your hubby is very sweet together:)
    Yes, thanks God that his word never change.
    Have a lovely day:)

  2. That's really sad that there wasn't a "need" for your Christian books. I've always believed that when I donate books that they will end up in the hands that need them. *smile*
    Love your pictures and I hope you find some Fall. We have 3 trees in our yard that actually drop their leaves so my kids get all excited because they get to rack them and then jump in them. LOL!

  3. We took a drive Sunday to view the leaves changing colors, but we weren't out that long because really the prettiest of the leaves were right here around our home. I'm sorry that you didn't get to see much color either, but I am even more sorry that the girl at the bookstore doesn't want Who she really needs. We live only half an hour away from a large university and find life in that community to be much the same as what you described here in your blog post. There are on campus ministries, but the majority are liberal. Thank you for sharing here, Mary. Your blog is so pretty!

  4. One more way that we see how many things are upside down in this world, and so many don't have a clue, especially those who need Him the most.

    Love the picture of Ma and Pa! :)

  5. WE have visited that area several times and it is so beautiful. It's a shame that there is "no need" for your books....It's sad that God made that area so beautiful and He is being ignored..........

    Sweet picture of you two.....the pancakes look delicious....

  6. It's good to have some time time today to make my way about the blogosphere & catch up.

    What is it about Fall that begs us to search it out? We used to love the drive in Oak Canyon, too. Of course, here in WA State we are enveloped by all things Autumny. It's incredibly vibrant, and hardly a day passes that I don't hunger for some Pumpkin Pie.


  7. I saw those pancakes on the menu! You and your hubs are a good looking couple.

  8. You guys look awesome...and the drive sounds perfect. About them not taking your books....I'd just give them away....to a youth centre...or women's shelter or nursing home. Hugs and wishes for a great Sunday.

  9. Flagstaff is beautiful, but it is definitely liberal leaning. I stopped there not to long back at the Barnes and Noble for my daughter on our way back from my mom's place in Williams. I love it up there.

  10. Hi Mary! I used to live in Arizona, so I know Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. So gorgeous. And RED VELVET PANCAKES? What genius thought that up???

    I am glad that God is the same today and always. I wonder what was going on there with the book swap. Maybe this is a new person??

    Sunday Blessings!
    PS So fun to see a pic of you and your husband :)

  11. Mary, am trying to find a little fall here in southern California too. The leaves just turn dry brown and fall off when the winds comes. That's is strange they would not trade your books...wish I was close we would trade.

  12. Hello nice to meet you! I saw you through Nancys blog and wanted to come over and say hi. Blessings.

  13. Sad to hear about your Christian books not being accepted for trade in... but the rest of your post was nice - even the photos. Yes, Fall seemed to be late in coming even here in VA where I'm visiting at the moment. But upstate NY last week was beautiful, esp in Naples and Corning. The mountains were already in the early stages of the fall foliage!

    I also loved the photos you shared in your recent post - all will surely be beautiful to print as note cards!. BUt just a few days ago the temps have suddenly dipped, and the colors of fall are more visible now - many trees turned yellow and red overnight!


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