Grapes in the Garden

After sunrise this morning, I was able to harvest bunches of red, sweet grapes from my vine.  Last year the birds and insects competed with me, but today was a fruitful harvest and the grapes are delicious.

Here’s a picture of my grape vine.  This area is my prayer garden.

A few years ago, I mentioned to my husband that I would love a prayer garden in this little section where I can sit and have my morning devotions.  He wasted no time and began to build the trellis.  I think  this is what husbandry means (smile!)  Every year the vine and rose bushes spread out becoming plusher.  While I was out there today, I was praying for my kids on the west coast.  They’re flying to the east coast for a family reunion and this will be Susanna’s first flight experience!  This grandma was praying for all the details for this all-day flight.

I enjoy quiet mornings and I love to pray.  I’m remembering John 15:5 that says: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  I think that’s a great verse for my prayer garden.  If you need prayer today, I’d love to pray for you.  Leave a comment or write me an email and I’ll pray!

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  1. A beautiful post, Mary. I think we all need that special place we go to study God's thank HIM for His goodness and mercy in our lives. I enjoyed being here today. :-)

  2. Mary, thanks for visiting my blog...always enjoy yours. Yeah lets be fb friends also. Betty draper

  3. What a perfect place to spend time with the Lord. Your husband did a nice job...and those grapes look so good. :)

  4. Such a lovely prayer garden, love you.

  5. Your husband is a jewel to do this bit of husbandry for you.:-) The grapes look lovely too! Thanks for sharing at "Tell Me a Story."

  6. Your prayer garden is lovely and fruitful. It is so nice of your husband to get it going for you. I Prqy your family had a safe flight. praying you have wonderful visits with God in your garden this summer.

  7. What a lovely spot to have your devotions and prayers. I also find that I can *quiet* myself better when I'm outside.

    Praying that the Lord will smooth the flight plans, and that the reunion will be wonderful!


    (p.s. The husbandry did good!!)

  8. What a wonderful place to pray and spend quiet time with the our Father. The grapes look delicious and I have always loved that Scripture about the vine and branches....

    I hope your weekend is full of blessings...

    I would love for you to pray for my daughter and her three kids who are traveling home 6 hours away today...and we will be traveling as well....We have all been at the beach for a last "fling" before school....Thank you...

  9. What a peaceful retreat (your) love built! I can close my eyes and imagine your sweet self there, holding so many in prayer ...
    I'm so thankful to be included.

    Wishing you a sweet new week ... and looking forward to hearing of Susanna's adventures in the friendly skies! :)



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