The Generational Blessing of Back Seat Drivers

A generational blessing in our family is one of back seat drivers.  What a great place to learn how to pray!

My daughter told me a cute story about a back-seat driver, her daughter Susanna, who is four.  After picking up Sookie from preschool and buckling in her back car seat, Carrie tried several times to start the car.  Noticing her daughter observing her, Carrie remained peaceful and turned to Sookie in the back seat.  “Do you want to join hands with me and pray?”  The two prayed, but the car still did not start.  Then Sookie said “Mommy, it’s in the wheel.”  Her mom questioned her again.  “It’s in the wheel,” the little back-seat driver said.  Carrie turned the wheel and the car started immediately.  

Back up 33 years.  Carrie was two and sitting in the back seat of my car.  We just moved from Chicago to a small Arizona town and I was dealing with culture shock big time.  No Shopping mall and no modern anything.  We took a big pay cut and I just enrolled my oldest child in kindergarten at a new school.  No friends.  New church.  No car.  

One day my husband purchased a car for me on the way home from work.  The car was only a few years old and the price was too good to pass up but I had to learn how to shift the gears manually.   Before work one morning I got my first lesson with Tom sitting at my side and our toddler in the back seat.  I wanted to learn it in one morning and I was frustrated because the car kept dying out.  Then I heard Carrie say “You should ask Jesus to help you, Mommy!”  All the tension broke and my smile returned!

Oh, these back seat drivers that love the Lord.  They’re the best!

This story links to Hazel’s website, Tell Me A Story.

Tell Me a Story


  1. Those are the kind of back seat drivers you don't mind having around! Cute stories... Funny how I think God actually uses the little ones to be His voice sometimes...

  2. What a precious story! I like backseat drivers that are helpful!! Out of the mouths of babes...

    And, aren't you glad that the Holy Spirit helps us *drive* our way through life?! His advice has helped keep me on the road, and out of the ditches, many a time!


  3. What a sweet blessing, the voices of kids saying it like it is!! One more time, no wonder Jesus loves the little children, :)

  4. Thanks for the fun post. We have a few back seat drivers in my family too. Child back seat drivers are sweet, adults not so much.

  5. What a priceless story you've shared about back seat drivers, Mary! Love it!

  6. Visiting from Hazel's Tell me a Story. Great story. Made me smile.
    God bless

  7. Wonderful blessing to have such sweet back seat drivers....still smiling over you story. :)

  8. It's awesome to hear about these stories from your precious "back seat drivers" which are both positive!!! Not like the annoying atmosphere back seat drivers often do. What faith they both have in Jesus! Have a great weekend sister Mary! Blessings and love to you.

  9. This is story is so precious!! What a memoire! Our Lord using children to bless you!! Children can be so in tune to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit! :)

  10. A little child shall lead them. Thank you for your beautiful story shared at "Tell Me a Story."

  11. Oh Mary, I just loved reading this post. Children are such a God-sent in times like these. These stories need to be told and re-told. I am rejoicing in the way Carrie's life has unfolded. May God continue to be glorified in your family. Tell Carrie I am still praying for her.



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