Mom is Home for Christmas

This is the first year I’ve celebrated the holidays without my mom.  Now I know how many of you feel when you write about missing a parent at Christmas.  Your blog posts prepared me.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve been one blessed woman to have my mom for so long.  She lived a full ninety-six years.  As my friend, Carla, told me “still, she’s your mother and you’ll miss her when she goes to heaven.”  Now it’s my turn to write about it.

Mom seems to be everywhere.  I was hanging ornaments on the tree with Christmas music playing in the background when Mario Lanza started singing - one of her favorites.  She loved the classical and religious carols, like me.  Many of my ornaments were hand made by mom, either crocheted or created in her ceramic class.  My prized possession is my Lladro Nativity that I’ve been displaying for over 30 years!

And recipes…oh, my!  Mom was a baker and it seems like when I sift through my recipe file, I find my favorites and they’re written out in her beautiful handwriting.  I also have pretty handwriting like her – not bragging, I know it’s a gift passed down.

One recipe that stopped me in my tracks was challenging to make but my brother, Denny, loves it.  She always made nut-filled crescents for him so I attempted it and sent the cookies to him last week.   Denny is my hero.  He faithfully cares for his wife, Bonnie, who suffered brain damage six months ago.  He deserves so much more than cookies.  But I bet he’s missing mom too.  The recipe is on my other blog posted here.

Mom was a great one to call when things fell apart.  She was a mighty prayer warrior, and a practical woman too.  So when I found her “recipe” for clogged pipes, I smiled.  Our kitchen sink has had a severe clog for over a week now.  It’s getting better, but not totally fixed yet despite the Liquid Plumber and plumbing snakes.  The recipe reads:  Combine a cup of baking soda with one cup of salt and pour down the drain.  Follow with two quarts of boiling water.  Wait 30 minutes and then flush with cool water.

See, I told you.  It’s like she’s right here, offering some advice!


  1. You are so right - I do think of my mom at this season, even more than at other times.

    She loved to bake, and I can't hold a candle to her in that department. Red velvet cake and snickerdoodles were her specialties. :)

    Glad you have such good memories.

  2. Mary, your words resound in my heart tonight! I, too, have smiled at mom's -- and grandma's -- spiderly handwriting on recipe cards ... I hear "Little Drummer Boy" and hear mom saying "That's my favorite." What precious gifts they've left us!

  3. Amen, totally understand this. This is my sixth Christmas without my mom, she is everywhere.

  4. I hear you Mary! Even though it's been almost eight years (in February) since my mom died I especially miss her during the holidays. She always enjoyed them and also was a wonderful cook. Sending you hugs today my friend.

    Blessings and love,

  5. I remember my first Christmas without my dad, Mary. I'm not sure there were words to describe how much I missed him. I am blessed by your post and the sweet memories you have of your mother.

  6. I could relate so much to your post. My mom has been gone for two Christmases. I miss her so much when I get out the Christmas dishes she gave me and when I look at photos of Christmases past that she was such a big part of. I pray that you and your family will have a blessed and joyful Christmas.


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