Fitted With the Right Shoes

Last week’s chiropractic adjustments did wonders for my lower back and now my doctor is my new best friend.  There are a few things he can’t adjust like my stiff right knee, but he demonstrated exercises I can do.  The other thing he addressed is my over-pronated, flat feet so I’m on the hunt for a new pair of shoes with extra support.  The battle is not thoroughly won, but I’m educated for the problems I face and I’m on my way to solve them.

It’s so odd that at this same time I’m getting educated in the “Shoes of Peace,” part of the armor I put on every day but have forgotten how dynamic it is.  Last night I tuned into a Bible teaching and am eager to share it because many of us are in a spiritual battle.  

First, it helped to be reminded that the enemy is not the abusive person in my life using artillery of emotional and mental tactics.  Christians fight against the despotisms, the master spirits who are world rulers of this present darkness, against forces of wickedness in the heavenly sphere.

What’s so neat, I’m reminded, is that the Shoes of Peace that we wear bring peace or Shalom to the situations we encounter.  Shalom means the state of wholeness where nothing is missing, nothing is broken and war or strife is absent.  So when I come up against anarchists meaning those people or situations I find myself in where chaos and confusion and disorder is displayed against me and there is an absence of cohesive principles that promote purposes for good, then I have to remember that my shoes of peace will keep me focused and that peace throws a heavy blow to the center of anarchy.

I can’t do it all.  I rejoice in what I can do, namely, wear my armor every day and put it on with meaning and purpose.  It’s kind of like slipping on the new shoes that will correct my arch so I can function better.  And I add that the Lord does what I cannot do.  I’m reminded of Ephesians 2:6 where it says that He raised us up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  He rules the heavenlies.

How do your shoes fit these days?

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  1. Good post. Glad your back feels better.

  2. Hi Mary, Great post with such Truth. I was just recently reminded that we daily fight but need to be wearing the armor.Thank you for sharing; blessings on your evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. A few years back I began to wear SAS shoes with a built instep. For my knees I drink Kombucha tea that I brew myself. It is a formented drink. (think of yogurt that is formeted too.) My ankles do not swell anymore and my knees creek just a bit not like they did.
    Gospel shoes of peace are a must!

  4. What a timely post, Mary! I love learning new (to me) information from your shares!

  5. If ever we needed to be reminded of this, now is that time. With a country torn by contention & divisiveness, the peace we bring to bear is nothing short of a much needed counter-balance.

  6. Mary, I remember years ago how I used to put on the armor each morning. I learned a visual of each piece, including the shoes. I have to say I almost forgot about this and then I read your post; good reminder.

    I'm glad you're getting some relief with your chiropractor. Don't you just hate this aging? I am beginning to hurt in areas I never hurt before. Working with the little ones each day can be a struggle some days with bending down and getting up again and again. But I still love it.

    Blessings and love,

  7. Wise and wonderful post, Mary.
    I surely do appreciate our chiropractor! Glad you have gotten some relief.
    For your feet, check out (they now have attractive and stylish shoes), and Dansko is great - has free shipping.
    I know all about high arches, plantar fasciitis.....

  8. Mary, beautiful written...slipping on the shoes of peace. Since those shoes are a piece of the armor I alway invisioned them as combat boots, you know for kicking someone out of the way...but your post helped me see another way to look at them...peace sounds too soft for combat boots. Peace speaks soft words, hugs, loves, those kind of shoes the enemy hates.

    Again good post...very well written..Blessings wise hearted.

  9. I have had problems with my feet for years. I was helped at a store called Foot Solutions when I had plantar fasciitis with a pair of Chung Shi shoes. They are the only ones I could wear that didn't hurt. I hope you find some comfortable shoes. it's important to feel at peace when you are walking along.

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