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Friday Funnies ~ A Conversation in Heaven


My God Restores!

Return to the stronghold of security and prosperity, You prisoners of hope; Even today do I declare that I will restore Double your former prosperity to you. Zechariah 9:12

A Good Vacation Gone Bad

We received some bad news during our family vacation in San Diego last week that put a damper on our fun.
It started out great when my husband picked me up from the office Wednesday night and we made great time on the road despite the rush-hour traffic.  Just out of Phoenix, we stopped for a long, relaxing dinner and our fun ended.  We weren’t half way to our Yuma hotel room when my cell began spitting out urgent texts to call my brother Eddie in Chicago.  I learned from him that our brother, Denny, was celebrating his anniversary in Vegas with his wife, Bonnie, when she had a brain aneurysm and was rushed to surgery.  The next day God answered our prayers and Bonnie survived!  My cell continued to ring throughout the trip with relatives giving us updates.  Bonnie was always close in our thoughts no matter what we did.
Our family was able to enjoy some nice meals together and go to the beach and play in the sand with Susanna! It was fun to watch Susanna on the carousal at Mission Beach…