Still No Peace

I was about nine when I heard my first prophecy.  I was walking home from school with a friend who mentioned that she heard that someday men will wear their hair long like women and their clothes will be styled the same.  The decade turned.

Enter the 60’s.  Tension was high with the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Jackie Kennedy wore pillbox hats.  The Beatles were popular and my favorite song was “I Want to Hold Your Hand!”  I was in my freshman Science class when JFK was assassinated and the whole country went into mourning.  A strong spirit of rebellion entered into the youth. The Supreme Court decided to remove prayer from the public schools.   Drugs, hippies and peace symbols were everywhere.  Headbands and bell bottoms were in!  Sit-ins and anti-war campaigns were found in every city.  Those who didn’t leave the country were drafted.  Our troops were sent to Viet Nam.  I drove a blue 1961 Oldsmobile Starfire Convertible with a fast V8 engine.  “Laugh In” was a popular TV Show.  The first man went on the Moon and walked around.  It was the Sixties!

My best friend, Glenda, turned 60 last weekend.  To honor her, three of her daughters researched the era, decorated her office building with strobe lights, cooked up a storm of 60’s food including a psychedelic cake.  All the old tunes were played, but not on records!  We were invited.  Here are our memories!

Our Birthday Girl; reminds me of tiny Brenda Lee!

Glenda's Girlfriends:  Girl Power!

Jackie O was there!

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  1. This was such a cool party....and do I remember all the things you talked about...right there with you.....JFK was killed on my birthday so I have forgotten that date.....

    I love your outfits...but what were we thinking....

  2. I love your retro photos! I lived through the 60's too and remember all of the events you listed. I wore halter tops and headbands and hip huggers with belts. OH my!!!

    During the Cuban missile crisis, we had to practice getting into the hallways quickly with our heads down. Some people even built a bunker in their backyards. That reminds me of a movie called "Blast from the Past".

    That prophecy seems to have come true. Looking around at the times we live I believe there's much more ahead. Keep those Bibles open. Much prayer is needed.


  3. Wow, such a fun party. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How awful to think we thought those styles were so "hip" and "cool, man"! LOL.

    Sounds like it was a great time!

  5. Absolutely PRICELESS! What a fun party and what good sports you all were, going full out with the decor we all remember. Kudos to your hubby, I like his style!

  6. Well, I was about 4 years older than you. I was a freshman in college... and walking across the campus to my English class when the JFK assassination was announced through speakers. I remember exactly where I was when the Cuban Missile Crisis hit that October. Many serious events took place in a fairly close stretch of time. My present generation, because of the loss of school prayer, the sudden phase of hippies, the drugs, etc., their/our children have been given too much lacking in straightforward understanding of the difference between Truth and fiction.

    However, the party looked like a lot of fun, lots of laughs. Glad you and your friends had such a good time.

  7. Thank you for sharing another great story At Tell Me a True Story. What an awesome party for your friend, and everyone got into the act. Has it been that long since we lost prayer in the schools? We need to get it back!

    Some students do meet at the flag pole and pray and I give them credit for their testimony.

  8. What an era! I loved growing up in the 50s & 60s, ala Poodle Dog skirts which morphed into all thing psychedelic. Right up until the Vietnam War, before rebellion set in, it was a time of Norman Rockwellisms. Sweet days!

    I believe we are seeing the times we've been told about just prior to Jesus' return. On the one hand I shudder; on the other I rejoice.

    Blessings & hugs

  9. Hi there, Sounds like you had as much fun at the party as we did at ours. We didn't dress up though and glad others didn't. You brought back lots of memories for me. I know your girlfriend will cherish the party. I'm glad those days are behind us!
    Thanks for sharing such a fun party.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. What a cool partaaaaa! Loved the photos...and the music...radical dude! You gave me some much needed smiles today, Mary....thank you!


  11. what a cool party. Love that outfit by jackie-0....very cool.

  12. I would feel right at home in your tie-die pictures. I love the photos! Blessings.

  13. Catching up today in Blog Land (been MIA as I pack and move out of a house I've lived in for 28 years!!). This post was a HOOT! You all look so funny! Happy Birthday to your friend - a kid at 60!

    And Mary, your last post was so touching. I pray that Joni returned to the side of her Savior at the end. There is no other peace to be found on this earth or in this life or in the life to come. Kinda gives me renewed incentive to speak of His grace to others...


  14. What a fun post this is, with all those wonderful pictures. I remember them as well, that was my era during my teen years!

  15. Wow, I need to have a party like that! I'm a hippie at heart. Love tie-dye, bell buttoms, peace signs, the whole nine yards.

    Just sent your book the other day, you should be getting it soon.

    Have a blessed week!

  16. I lived through the sixties too, and your post was a fun reminder of that crazy era.

  17. Hi Mary -

    This is a hoot! Thank you so much for this lively and bright piece.

    Love the photos. Yes, indeed, I too remember those days.


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