Fallen From Grace

I brought my husband his cup of coffee this morning just before we sat in the den facing the day together with our Bibles.  I told him that our friend, Joni, lost her battle with cancer and passed away.  His response was similar to mine:  “I never could grasp how she could walk away from Jesus.”

I can’t tell you how many times I enjoyed sweet fellowship with Joni.  We attended Christian seminars together from our church, served the Lord side by side in Women’s Ministries, and enjoyed intimate lunches sharing secrets from our hearts.  Joni was my doctor, but more importantly she was my friend.  She never got the victory from the bitterness and rejection from her past and eventually it pulled her in the wrong direction.  Her keen intelligence led her away from Jesus rather than to Him.  She began to study intensely the Jewish Roots of our faith.  Little by little, I could tell Joni was discarding the grace Jesus offers and embracing the law of the Old Testament.  I remember all too well the day we sat face to face and she confessed to me that she is no longer a follower of Christ.  She divulged that she found much more love from the followers of Judaism and was tired of Christians letting her down in life.

Joni was the first girlfriend in my circle who attended The Passion of the Christ the second day it hit the theatre.  I made her promise that she would call as soon as she got home.  She called me and we cried together as she shared the dramatic scenes of His bloody sacrifice that set us free from the strangleholds of sin.

Over the years, several of the girlfriends labored endlessly in scripture, with hugs and gentleness hoping to win Joni back.  I was not there when she took her last breath; I can only hope that Joni whispered “Save me, Jesus.”

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  1. And that is where our free will comes in. I, too, hope Joni whispered, "Save me, Jesus."
    Because He is ever faithful and never-changing.

  2. Only the Lord knows...I pray that she also called Jesus her Lord and made a u-turn before her last breath. That turn that leads back to our merciful Savior. It is sad. It is our old nature that always clash and deters with growth in knowing more about Jesus. God bless sister and may you have a wonderful rest of the week, remaining strong in His mighty power!

  3. I have a family member in a similar place. She exchanged the freedom of Christ for the law.

    But I do know that all it takes is a one-second prayer at the end of the line to be pulled back in. I saw it happen to my uncle. Grace is a beautiful thing...

  4. To be honest, I'm at a loss for words. Your heart must be heavy tonight.
    I've a hunch you're a pretty intuitive lady, so let's believe Joni did, in fact speak those words.

  5. I know you are so sad at the loss of your friend. I with the others hope and pray that she did utter those precious words of "Save Me Jesus" before her last breathe left her....Hugs to you my friend....

  6. So sorry for your loss sweet friend. Praying that your friend spoke those precious words.

  7. Heavy sigh. So rarely has happened in my present life, but in former years? Yes, at least 2 sisters and their kids have turned away from the Lord b/c He didn't do what they thought He would. The addictions and the other battles won them back. I truly hope the day will come when His Truth will break through their barriers.

  8. Thank you for sharing this sad story at Tell me a Story. I too would like to hope that Joni reached out in her dieing breath and called on Jesus to save her. If we only knew we would probably be surprised at the great number who are last minute Christians.

  9. I love what Mevely said. Sending you hugs and wishing you a gentle Friday.

  10. My oldest son has done likewise. He went through conversion classes & now meets regularly at a local Jewish Temple. He often teaches there, as well.

    This I know: His conversion was genuine. I see this as a detour which God will use somehow, someway, someday to glorify His own name. In the meantime, son & I have some VERY interesting dialogues, agreeing to disagree.

  11. Mary, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I pray that in her last moments she called out to Jesus and passed into glory with Him. I believe we will be joyously surprised when we get to Heaven and see those who we wondered if they "made it". Only He knows what happens in the heart of someone like your friend in those last fleeting breaths.

    My uncle died suddenly several years ago and no one in the family thought he would turn to Jesus. But, at his funeral we learned from his housekeeper (who was a Christian!)that several weeks before his death she led him to the Lord!

    Oh the wonder of His love, mercy and grace!!!!

  12. This is such a sad story, but also an eyeopener, Mary.

    The enemy is a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can deceive and devour.

    How anyone can walk away from Jesus is after having known Him as a faithful friend is also my question.

    May we continue to cling to the One who has given His life up for us that we may have a secure place in eternity!

    Thank you for sharing this story.


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  14. Mary...coming along side you today with love, hugs, adn a hopeful heart that our Lord revealed Himself in the depths of her heart and she respnded to His love and mercy.
    Bless you dear heart xoxoxo

    Much love,
    Deborah xoxoxoox


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