The Shuttle Party

Over the past several years, I have made a lot of trips to San Diego to see the kids. I have never enjoyed a Shuttle ride as much as last Wednesday. Little did I realize as I left the airport in Phoenix that I was going home party style!

I liked the driver of the mini bus instantly. She was an attractive middle-aged gal donning a pair of jeans and a white shirt, classic style, my favorite. Her blond hair and skin were dry which is what I contend with in this hot climate. I felt at home! She was a friendly gal, quickly learning the names of all seven of us ladies, heading north to Sedona. She passed bottles of water to each of us; after all, it's Phoenix! I admired her openness about some of her driving challenges along the way and I particularly liked the pleasant way she solved problems that came along. Her upbeat personality won me over and interruptions did not disturb her. Once we got out of the city and turned north on the interstate jaunt, she turned up the radio and a sixties station blasted through our mini bus. The Beach Boys sang "Good Vibrations". It seemed to dictate the mood. Roy Orbison belted out "Oh, Pretty Woman!" By the time Martha and the Vandellas sang "Dancing in the Street," we all joined in. She joked about being the shuttle driver who includes Karaoke in her vehicle. Except for the young, pretty Asian woman sleeping across the aisle from me, we all were on a music high and laughing!

Then this happened: We rolled to a stop at the intersection; we were first in line at the red light. A homeless man with a sign sat just below the driver's door. She lowered her window and reached over for a bill in her purse and gave it to him. She talked to him a little bit, and then tossed him a bottle of water. The stoplight had changed, but she still hunted for another bill and gave it to him. I was too far back to hear the details she shared, but it didn't matter. I was impressed with her generosity and the way she helped others, without judging.

I sat quietly thinking about the importance of loving people and helping them. I thought about my job and wondered if I bring that much joy to people I meet on a daily basis and if I handle interruptions that well in the course of my day. Colossians 3:23 came to mind: Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.

What kind of shuttle driver would Jesus be? Wow. He loves people. He has plenty to say about the poor and downhearted. I bet His attitude would be upbeat too. Our driver was like that, cheerfully willing to serve. Her behavior was a sermon in action, and my drive home that day was an eye opener.

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  1. HI there, What a wonderful adventure on the shuttle. One of the Lord's angels for sure. I so prefer to hand out tickets for food, so the $$ isn't wasted on drugs or liquor.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. This is such a lovely story and a reminder to be gracious to others less fortunate. I am happy you had such a great bus ride and a happy time with your family.
    Thank you for sharing at: "Tell me a Story," the Blog Party:

  3. A great lesson for all of us.....and definitely one I needed to hear as I am not always so joyous when I encounter changes that are not to my liking....I love it when God put us in situations that challenge us to look at circumstances differently...Thank you so much for sharing this with us.....

  4. What a great story! ... How I'd have loved being a passenger :). It's true, there are angels amongst us!

  5. Woo Hoo, wish I could have taken that ride with you my friend.

  6. What a precious life-lesson story! I could feel the happiness on that bus ride! You brought us right in.

  7. Your post lifted my spirits today, as your posts always do. Thank you for sharing a little spot of joy.

  8. What a wonderful treat it is to meet such loving people!

  9. beautiful post. Great message.....and a reminder that there are amazingly loving people out there. I think you're one of them.

  10. What a great story - I enjoyed it immensely. What kind of driver would Jesus be? Well, for one thing, everyone would be invited along for the ride! And He would tell everyone that He had ALREADY paid the price for the trip to Heaven!

    GLORY - sign me up!


  11. You made me cry. What would Jesus do? Exactly that I'm sure. Love the ones who are happy and fine. Love the ones that are down and out... simply, easily without fanfare. This was a beautiful post and I'm glad that you shared it.

    Blessings, Debbie


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