Exposing Haman

We all have them, enemies that is, and despite knowing that they have been defeated at the cross, they continue to harass us. For this reason, I’ve been lodging in the book of Esther this week for a personal review of what our God did for Israel, what He can do for them again as well as us.

Haman hated the Jews. He thought they were a people scattered and divided. Esther called her people to a fast and prayer and God turned the whole story upside down. The Jews went from being a target to the King’s favorite. To this day, the Jews celebrate, remembering what God did.

Command them to keep the fourteenth day of the month of Adar and also the fifteenth yearly as the days on which the Jews got rest from their enemies, and as the month which was turned for them from sorrow to gladness and from mourning into a holiday that they shall make them days of feasting and gladness; days of sending choice portions to one another and gifts to the poor. Esther 9:22, 23:

The Jewish feast of Purim begins at sundown on March 6th and lasts until sundown, March 7th. It’s a good time to support Israel because they’re being taunted by Iran who is boasting of its nuclear power. Suggested ways to pray are these:

• Fast from sundown March 6th through sundown March 7th
• Proclaim an awakening and alertness in this hour concerning matters of national security, especially the security of Israel
• Proclaim a reversal of every decree against Israel. Pray that every “Haman” will be exposed.
• Pray for wisdom and clear understanding for those who make decisions regarding Israel in Jerusalem and Washington DC.
• Proclaim an awakening in Iran that they may seek the Lord. Proclaim the light of God to arise to display the truth of His majesty.
• Proclaim celebration in Israel “as the days on which the Jews had rest from their enemies, as the month which was turned from sorrow to joy for them, and from mourning to a holiday”.


  1. Thank you for all the suggestions for praying for Israel...I too believe that God wants us to support them in any way we can......

    God really blessed Ester because of her obedience....we should do the same...

  2. I'm with you sister Mary in praying incessantly for Israel. The Lord is not yet finished in establishing Israel. Whenever I think of any "antagonists" like Haman, I picture an image that went with Spurgeon's writing I read long time ago, where a man was trying to cut a big branch from a tree he intended to hurt. Except...he was sitting on that branch...They (enemies)don't stop...but who always end up getting hurt in the end! Glory be to God! God bless and love you in Christ.

  3. Thank you for a refreshers course here. I know Israel plays an intricate part. Blessings.

  4. Hi Mary -

    How interesting that I'm reading the book of Esther this week and to come here and find that you were recently in it, as well.

    I love how our Lord worked things so victoriously for Esther and her people.

    Israel, we know, is GOD'S firstborn, His elect. He blesses those who bless them and curses those who curse them - Genesis 12:3- KJV.


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