Thankful Thursday ~ My Roots

I’m working on a special project for which I’m very thankful. In two weeks, Dice and I will be presenting a teaching to the leaders of our church and our topic is The Seder Passover. We are preparing the kosher foods with another couple who have a large home and kitchen with dining room to accommodate all of us! I look forward to sharing the Bible teachings and Jewish traditions of old because whenever we study our roots, Jesus always shows up in amazing ways. Our focus revolves around Him as our deliverer. The Passover is a wonderful story about deliverance and oh, how we love to tell it.

Whenever I go home to Chicago, my siblings gather around a meal, usually at my sister’s home and we share those same stories of our youth and tease one another about the old days. It is always fun, sometimes includes old photos but always centers around the Christian principles of family with fond memories of our parents and our early days. These are our roots. Our experiences define us and we remember who we are as we gather together as a family. Always, as I board my plane for home, I’m fulfilled by these times of expressing our love one to another with our stories, hugs and kisses.

That’s how the Passover is, too. We go back to our beginnings. We remember how much our God loves us and that our God is a miracle-working God. He knows of our suffering in the past and made a provision. He sent His only Son to rescue us, to save us from eternal damnation. We are God’s family and how Father God must love it when we remember the story! I know how I feel too as a parent when my children come home for holidays. We gather in my home around meals and reminisce and laugh! Even though my girls are in their thirties now, they love to hear the story of their early days. Was I like this, Mom, when I was three? Tell me again about the day I was born…etc. And like a crazy woman, I go into detail every time telling the same story like I was telling it for the first time!

Our God knows us. I’m thankful He understands that we need that connection to Him and to one another. I'm thankful for His-story!


  1. Amen sister. I'm VERY thankful for His story because it makes our stories worth while.

  2. Mary, I am interested to hear what you are preparing about The Seder Passover...

    My family and I will be observing passover again this year.

    Such a beautiful time... of remembering, or reconnecting to our roots.

    I continue to uphold you in prayer as you go through your grieving season.

    Much love

  3. Hi Mary, I have been thinking about you and praying that you doing well. I know the process of grieving is hard but I know our Father will hold you up.....

    We have some Jewish neighbors and it's so interesting to talk to them and learn more details of the Passover.
    Thank goodness God gave us a history and a future....

  4. I also am very thankful for His-story.

  5. Someone presented the Passover in our church and it was awesome to hear about the Israelites' liberation from Egypt. It was interesting to see the symbolism in foods etc...

    And what an awesome plan that our Father had done to give us the Bread of Life that frees us from what enslaves us.

    What a beautiful story-telling you and your family have year after year. Filled with His love, grace, and mercy! God bless you sister and may you always remain strong in His mighty power!

  6. Sounds like fun & I adore His-tory too :)
    I just met a few neighbors on a walk this morning who are from Chicago.
    I hope you are enjoying Joyce Myers! I am really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. It would have been fabulous to run into each other, but instead I am off to take my little one to the dentist! Let's hope she is cavity free ;)
    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Being Jewish I love that you're doing this. The Passoer has so much parallels to Christianity.

  8. I have enjoyed several passover seders and I agree... it is a rich experience. Rich with meaning in each nuance.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. I'm fascinated by your preparations, Mary. Having been raised in the Christian faith, I had this skewed notion that to investigate other faiths was a sort-of-sin. Isn't that crazy!?!

    For the last few years I subscribed to's posts and lessons and come away feeling comforted and enlightened!

    Wishing you a blessed weekend!

  10. I so wish the church would opt out of Easter and into Passover. I realize that Easter has been connected beautifully to the resurrection, but not nearly so much as the new life of God's Passover observance.

  11. I remember you sharing with me that you share the Seder Passover with others. I think that's wonderful. I've read much about this but never participated in one before.

    I've been thinking of you as you go through your grieving process Mary. Sending you hugs today.

    blessings and love,

  12. You know, when you think about it, the Bible really is just one big Love Story. The Story of a perfect God working to restore His beloved creatures back to Himself.

    His story is what makes our stories possible.

    All to His glory.


  13. That sounds wonderful! We used to have the Seder Passover Meal at our church every year, but that tradition stopped when a new pastor was sent to our church.

    I miss it!


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