My Experience with a Dragonfly

I do not have a fetish for dragonflies! Although they are one of the fastest insects in the world and they eat mosquitoes. That gives them some credence.

A few years ago, I received a beautiful dragonfly pin. I was visiting my daughter who was living in Newport, R.I. and Mother’s Day was approaching. She took me on a tour of the town knowing how excited I was to finally visit an east coast state. She saw my appreciation of all the interesting wares in a little gift shop we entered and encouraged me to choose a mother’s day present from her. That’s how I got the dragonfly that affected my life for years.

My dragonfly pin halts foot traffic just about every time I wear it. I meet curious people in airports, supermarkets and it has become a catalyst for meeting strangers in church. It’s how I met Patty. I had just arrived at the Joyce Meyer Conference. I was nestled in the side of a hallway absorbed in cell phone conversation when a strange woman caught my eye. She got so close to my face, I thought she was going to demand that I leave the area. No, she was gesturing to me that she admired my pin and just had to tell me right then and there! My call ended and we formally introduced ourselves and I told Patty the heartfelt story of my dragonfly gift. Just then my daughter, Amy, exited the church’s bookstore showing me and Patty the Joyce Meyer book she just purchased. She paid way too much money for it leaving Patty and I gasping at the same time. Patty insisted she take it back and went along with her and then accompanied her to Joyce’s resource table where that book and tons of other things were sold as a bargain tote bag of goodies. Amy perceived that Patty was one of my close friends the way we were talking together. When Amy returned to our row of seats, we all marveled at her smart purchase. Shortly thereafter, we got another surprise. Our new friend, Patty, took her seat in the row directly behind us!

This is the way it is at these conferences. It’s a slice of heaven to make new friends and meet all kinds of people. You just know good things are awaiting you! And this time God used my dragonfly to pave the way!

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  1. I love the camaraderie one experiences at women's conferences.

  2. What a great story. Isn't it funny how something can trigger a conversation. Of course it doesn't take much to trigger a conversation with women. LOL!
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  3. I love conferences for just that reason!

    So glad you had a lovely time

    Journeying with Joy
    Mrs B

  4. Amazing how something so simple can lead to a bigger thing! God knows what's in store if He wants to use the pin and your warm smiles...God bless and protect you always sister.

  5. Isn't it incredible what the Lord will use to connect His people? Nothing is wasted!

  6. I love how God brings things together and I love how conferences bring out the comradeship in us!

  7. I believe there are no coincidences!
    ... This story just made me smile! 'Hope I'll get to meet "your" dragonfly some day.


  8. So true...friends are a slice of heaven! I mentioned how thankful I am for one of my new friends in my post today. God used her to reach me AND FILL ME in a deeper way this past week. I am so thankful!

  9. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings.


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