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The Final Ride Home

Last summer, when I left Chicago to fly home, I was transported to the airport in style. My brother is a chauffeur and riding in the back of his black limousine made me feel rich! I think every woman should have this experience at least once in her life! It is no wonder that shortly after my limo ride, I dreamt about my mother being driven to her final destination in a black limousine with a driver like my brother fully suited, gloves and all. In my dream, I stuck my head in the window of the back seat and asked her if she had all her papers in order. “Yes,” she replied. I could see her ticket, but I wondered if she had her identification since she does not own a drivers license. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I have my I.D. right here!” This dream was prophetic. Last summer I told my siblings that the Lord was taking our Mom home and that all the final spiritual preparation was in place. At 96, she was ready. They kept telling me she will live to be 100, but in my heart I knew…

My Mom

I just learned that my Mom was placed in a lovely rehab facility and she’ll be there for five weeks. Just before the holidays, she came home from the hospital but is not doing well. I’m flying out to Chicago on Sunday. I don’t know what to expect. When my brothers and sister call, the reports conflict each other. It’s hard because I’m so far away. Mom told me on the phone that she can feel the prayers that are coming her way and she was thankful. I thought of another thing I could do for her, but I can't do this without help. I could ask my blog friends to send her a card to cheer her up. I have this vision of a blast of love through card therapy. This is her address if you feel like you would like to help me with this:

Sophie Zegar
Heritage Manor
355 Raymond St.
Elgin, Illinois 60120

Mom is 96 and has a wonderful sense of humor. She loves dogs, children and Jesus. I wish you could meet her; she would make you smile!

I recently posted about my 2012 Word from the Lord: …

My 2012 Word

I got four new tires for Christmas. They are beauties. Now I’m safe. I bought my car used in 2005 and the tires were new. After six years of wear, you can imagine the threadbare. You wouldn’t believe how many times I would arrive home and tell Dice that a tire is going flat again; it would be a different tire each time. I never got into my car until I walked all around it checking to see if enough air was still in each tire. Fortunately, when a tire did go flat or almost flat, I was parked somewhere. I was always protected from blowouts on the Interstate. Dice was forever repairing the low tire with slime and driving around afterwards to smooth it out. But even then, the ride to work the next day was bumpy and my gauge never exceeded 60 m.p.h. I drove in the far right lane of the interstate at much lower speeds letting everyone pass me. I got to work every time on a prayer!

I don’t have to do any of this anymore. Dice borrowed my car just before Christmas and bought new t…