Gratitude Affects Attitude

Being thankful changes us! One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories happened several years ago when I was asked to share in the program at our town’s Thanksgiving service held at the high school auditorium on Thanksgiving Eve. My youngest daughter was attending the high school; simultaneously, I was attending the weekly Moms in Touch meetings praying for the high school, our kids, their curriculum, and their teachers. I felt honored to represent this successful ministry in our little town and talk about it in the assembly. I saw the troubled kids who got help, the rebels who got caught because we prayed and the opportunities that arose to share our faith with our kids’ teachers. Those teachers knew we loved them and we wowed them with big fancy luncheons.

I polished my speech. I was enthusiastic and assumed that my excitement would ignite my audience and perhaps even increase our membership! However, time was running out and something was definitely lacking. I stopped and asked the Lord what was wrong. Was it me? Was it my message? God seemed silent. How do I sound less like a saleswoman and more like an anointed speaker motivating the audience?

I started listening to the local Christian radio station. “Three Days of Thanksgiving” featured Christians calling in and testifying to the faithfulness of God. Their lives were in shambles, but God was helping them supernaturally and their thankful hearts ministered to my spirit. I listened and cried and fell on my knees in awe of our God who rescues His people. Gratitude was amplified in the walls of my home and in my car as I tuned in every chance I got to the amazing testimonies of Jesus Christ working in everyday people’s lives. I became addicted to thanksgiving in the airwaves.

When I stood up at that assembly to speak on that Thanksgiving Eve, my message still contained the same facts, but my heart exploded with thankfulness to our God. The audience was touched and it had nothing to do with me or my ministry but because Thanksgiving is all about God. What resonated with my listeners was that God is alive and loves us, and we become changed when we express our gratitude.

I am excited to participate in two blog themes that generate thankfulness to our God this month. I don’t blog every day, but I read blogs every day and I know the dynamism of thanksgiving. It is contagious and affects our attitudes. It prepares our hearts for that special holiday.

Consider “It’s Not About Me November” hosted by Laura at and also “30 Days of Thanksgiving; reflections of His Grace” hosted by Joan at -- both on my sidebar.

Let’s explode the internet with thanksgiving!


  1. Oh Mary! I just love you. Your honesty and grateful heart brought me to tears this morning. I so understand the desire to share all the Lord has done with others. I am soooo thankful HE used you and I can only imagine how not just you felt, but all who heard your message....HIS MESSAGE! Thank you for being such an godly example, and for sharing your heart... your precious thankful heart!

  2. Where does it say that God inhabits praise? Seems that goes for thanksgiving, too - inhabiting your Thanksgiving! Obviously, He was in this. I thought you were just going to say gratitude changes our attitude, but you showed something even greater. Thank you!

  3. Mary, so perfect!

    I have also had that experience when I've written something, and I know the WORDS are right - but there's just something missing. It's really ALL about our hearts. The words can be perfect, but it's the heart of JESUS speaking through us that will make the difference.

    Oh, that He may fill me with more of Him.

    Thank you for this one.


  4. Hi Saleslady371 - Your first sentence Being thankful changes us, is what its all about. God changes us from the inside out when we show our thankfulness in all things. Great post
    God bless

  5. I not surprised you'd be selected to address this audience. Even before you speak a word, there's a thankfulness lilt in your eyes!

    I knew I'd grown when I began to thank God for the trials, trouble & pain in my life. Funny how those things have changed over the years, but God never does. With gratitude, we can be content no matter what; and grow where we're planted.


  6. Mary - reading your post leaves me teary eyed (and that's not a bad thing).

    I love your thankful heart, and your love for Jesus shines through. When we move ourselves out of the way and let Jesus take center stage (so to speak) there is no limit to what can happen.

    Blessings to you and thank you for linking up for 30 days of Thanksgiving.


  7. What a marvelous testimony, Mary!
    ... Your positivity never fails to bring me up, and I'm blessed!

  8. indeed we have so much to be thankful for and it is wonderful when we realize it even when things aren't going our way. i love your catchy title.

  9. Isn't it amazing what thankfulness can do to us and to those we come in contact with? Our God is amazing and we are to glorify Him and be thankful in all things. An attitude of gratitude can be contagious too. Thanks for sharing the links with us Mary.

    Love you,

  10. I agree...I like to think I'm a grateful person, but I do have to remind myself to speak up when I feel it. :)
    I'm going to check out those sites. thanks!

  11. You are so right, our Gratitude does affect our Attitude. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. I'm a new fan and follow you on GFC. I'd love for you to follow me too. Have a blessed day.


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