Couldn't Wait to Hug My Vet

I couldn’t wait. It’s a day early but I gave my husband Dice, a Viet Nam Vet, his card with a great big hug. The card was perfect. The front read: “Thank you for serving in the Navy” over a photo of a naval fleet out at sea. Dice liked it. He pointed to an aircraft carrier ship, way too familiar, having served two tours in the South China Sea on a Carrier. He explained how the carrier was a vulnerable ship and was protected by other war ships as they all traveled together, just like on my card.

I was also able to give a warm hug to my friend Al, a veteran, while at lunch with him this week. My girlfriends honored him with a meal and we expressed our gratitude for all he continues to do for our nation’s veterans. Al, at 72, has fulfilled two-thirds of his childhood dream of walking across our great nation! In 2009, he walked from California to Ocean City, Md and in 2011, from Florida to Maine. Al pushes a cart decorated with flags and encourages veterans as well as firefighters and policemen in cities across the country. I enjoyed hearing the ways that the Lord protected this friendly man and met his every need by placing “just the right” person in his path along the way.

My favorite story is when Al met another veteran from Iraq who dressed every day in his clown uniform to entertain in civic presentations. Every day? “Yes,” he told Al. “I must put on my clown makeup to survive. I lost my two best friends who went to Iraq with me but did not return.” Al shared Jesus with him reassuring him that Jesus could restore his joy and he would not have to perform for it.

I know that some of my blogging friends are veterans or you have sons and daughters serving our country. I thank you today from the deepest places in my heart for your service and for keeping us safe.


  1. I love that you wrote about appreciating veterans. I didn't think anyone even realized it was veterans day tomorrow - for some reason, there hasn't been much talk about it at all. and btw, Thanks to your hubby for his service! :)

  2. They are among the many unsung heroes in this great land. We'd not be so great without them!

  3. aw, nice post. they all sound so inspiring. :)
    i have lost some family members to the war...gone, but not forgotten.

  4. Say "thank you" to your veteran husband for his service. My dad also served in the Navy, in WW2.

  5. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute to our Vets. Blessings to you dear one.

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  7. Hi Mary -

    Thank you for this rich tribute.

    A salute to the soldiers!

  8. Thank you, Dice and Al. We really appreciate what you did for our country - what you did for us.

    We will never forget your contribution, and the unselfish way you fought for freedom.

    Thank you.


  9. My son just came home after serving in the Navy for 5 years. It was so nice of Applebee's to give free meals to the vets! I'm sure other restaurants did that too.


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