Wolf in Christian Clothes

I don’t like it when people use Christianity to promote themselves. I have to tell you what happened to me this week.

I bumped into a contractor-business friend when I was at Home Depot last week. This guy has been seeking our company’s employment. But something always disturbed me about our conversations. The best way I can describe him would be “slick” even though we talked about topics near and dear to my heart like Jesus, prayer, missions and scripture. So that day, Mr. Slick again asked me if I had any need for his construction business. Actually, I did. I described the particulars of a recent sale and the price I was willing to pay for construction. He agreed, I scheduled him for the job and we departed company. A few days went by and I received his faxed proposal bid and that’s when I felt like the wind got knocked out of me. It was almost twice the amount of our verbal agreement at Home Depot!

Why was I so angry? Besides being taken advantage of, I was disappointed. How I had hoped to work with a Christian contractor, blessing a brother in the Lord with more business. Instead I was being ripped off by greed leaving very little for my sale’s profit margin.

God came to my rescue! Quickly I was connected to another contractor who acknowledged that my budgeted costs were fair leaving us both a profit from the sale. Everyone seems happy now, well except for Mr. Slick.

Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:20 ring in my head: “Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit so you can identify people by their actions.” I can’t think of a better business partner than Jesus. I’m bragging on Him today. He rescued me from the Wolf.

Beholding Glory

I’m linking this post with Laura today at Brag on God Friday.


  1. Mary ♥ I have missed reading and seeing your smile!!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! Breaks my heart when people use the Lord for their own gain. Can you even imagine how HE feels/thinks??

    I sooo love it when the Lord steps in and vindicates us! I have experienced this in a very powerful way last week and it is just so humbling as well as exciting all in one!

    I love this meme! I will have to try & remember it next friday

  2. And soo many of them who wove into our faith! The thing that's scary, sometimes, it's hard to identify! But thanks be to His gift of discernment, we can!

    Glad that you got saved by His mighty arm! He always does! Have a great weekend to you sister and may the Lord give you many more honest deals!!!

  3. So true, friend. We have to stay close to Jesus and be walking in the Spirit, because those "wolves" are out there. My last boss was this way. He was an attorney, so for potential Christian clients he would talk "christian talk" but there was nothing Christian about his life....I prayed for him, because he was so lost. Thank you for sharing...so glad the Lord was there to be your strong support!!

  4. I'm sorry :( I also have a hard time when people use the christian name just to get business.

  5. That's so sad when Christians try to take advantage of others...especially other Christians. I'm glad that the Lord worked it out for you.

  6. We are to be gentle as doves but wise as serpents. Oh how I wish that everyone that identified themselves with Christ would behave. It's just terrible when a Christian utilizes world tactics. Praise Him for saving your deal at the last minute. And glad it didn't make you cynical...

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Yes, when we were in business, it often was the Christians who cheated us, but we found it necessary to walk in forgiveness. Later down the road, God took care of vengence in his own way. Not that I am wanting bad things to happen to people, but that is the way it works out sometimes. I am glad you were able to work something else out and bypass Mr Slick.

  8. The Lord Jesus is the best business partner there is - Amen!
    He is our partner, too!

    Visiting from Healing Moments. Have a blessed weekend,

  9. Mary - it is a sad thing when Christians do this. Ultimaely, they will have to give an account for their wrong doings.

    Praise God that He rescued you from the wolf!

  10. Not. Cool.
    But God...as usual, saved the day!

  11. Yup, I get it, Mary. It is always more disconcerting when we are disappointed by *Christians* behaving badly! Makes you wonder about the state of their hearts. Not all who say, "Lord, Lord..." I don't mean to judge, but sometimes the fruit looks a little self-serving, know what I mean??

    But, I love how God rescued you, Little Red Riding Hood!!



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