Smarty Pants

“Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.”

Merry Browne

No one is more surprised than me when I realize I’m not all that smart at times. On my recent trip to the mall to shop for end-of-summer discounted 70 percent clothing, I learned something about myself. I thought I was buying clothes; but I was developing an open mind!

I always thought I was too large to wear white pants so I never bought them. When I was visiting my sister in Chicago, she looked stunning in them and we are the same size. I found a $40 pair reduced to $8 and had to try them on. They looked great and were nice and long for my tall frame. I bought them!

Preconceived ideas are haunting. I cringe at the times they wiggle themselves into my personal Bible studies. How arrogant to think I know what a passage is all about because it is familiar to me. Sometimes I forget that God’s Word is alive and full of power and can change me unlike any other written concepts.

I heard a great sermon about marriage last Sunday taught by our husband & wife pastoral team. What leaped out at me in their presentation was “Listen to your spouse with your heart and not your head.” Sometimes we hear our spouse through filters of anger, rejection or some other emotion. Oh, my! I can think of times that preconceived ideas kept me from hearing what my husband was saying. I would think to myself “yeah, I’ve heard that before; you will never change.” Talk about a defeatist attitude!

I smiled when I put my new white pants on a hanger and hung them up in my clothes closet next to a row of black slacks and dark blue jeans. The “White Pants Victory” is just the beginning. With the Lord’s help, I hope to be victorious in these other areas, too!

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  1. Enjoy your white pants !! They will go with just about any color blouse and - - what a bargain they were!! God is so good to help us shop. He plans these little details to surprise us and cause us to be happy. I rejoice when he does this for me, and I rejoice with you.

  2. What a wonderful reminder. Sometimes those preconceived notions run so deep that I don't even notice they're there until someone points it out.

    And I love the rose picture at the top of your post!

  3. I love this so much Mary, that I just might go and buy some white pants!!

    What a great way to make such a valid point.


  4. i totally get this. i always have preconceived notions AND very high expectations...sigh.

    i enjoyed my visit here, thank you! :)

  5. You go, girl! Congratulations on your white pants victory! That inspires me to look for more victories in my life.

  6. You GO, girl! :)))
    I need to remember that part about listening with my heart, not my head and welcome a surprise or two!

  7. Great post, Mom. Now the real question is: Is wearing white pants after Labor Day a preconceived idea or is that for real?? :)

  8. A ha! Great reminder. Thank you for sharing on this dear one.....blessings.

  9. This was all so true. Thank you for the comment about listening to our spouses with our hearts instead of our heads. I'm going to try to put this one into action.

  10. Hi Mary -

    You go, lady of GOD, with your white pants on. Glad you were delivered from that bondage.

    GOD is in everything - even the tiniest details. Isn't that so wonderful and comforting?!


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