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I heard an interesting message on Christian TV. The teacher‘s main point was that lost souls are won only by hearing the truth. He validated intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare as legitimate biblical principles, but he hammered the point that Paul is our example and as he traveled to the lost and preached the Word of God, he won souls because they heard the truth. This teacher clearly does not like the movement taught in many Christian circles called “prayer walking.” Prayer Walking, in a nutshell, is intercession for your neighbors and your neighborhood.

I attended a Prayer Walking seminar several years ago and I don’t think it harmed me or that I harmed anyone. I remember receiving a lot of handouts and going home with acute awareness for my neighbors’ mortal souls and final destination. I assimilated the teaching as best I knew how to in the course of my day careful not to make a performance or a doctrine out of what I learned. I’ve always been one to start my day with a mile walk so I prayed for my neighbors as I exercised. The reason the TV preacher rejects the Prayer Walking Ministry, is because he doesn’t feel that we have to intercede and battle in the spirit realm before we share the gospel with others. It stands alone to save. He said Paul never had to do that. He stated that some folks call themselves intercessors and claim to have a ministry of only praying for others salvation eliminating the need to share Christ and His gospel.

My experience with Prayer Walking led to sharing the gospel. I did not have to knock on their doors and ask them if they were saved. One neighbor, knowing I was a Christian, called me one day and asked me to pray about her personal crisis. I went over and prayed with her in person and then invited her to a Christian women’s outreach. This neighbor heard the gospel preached at that Christian luncheon but on our drive home she told me she rejected the message. Another couple invited me to their home when the wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We prayed together and we discussed the gospel of Jesus and they were so grateful for the encouragement. She died about a year later.

My closing thought is that Jesus is my example. He did it all. He prayed, interceded, delivered, healed and taught. I can do nothing apart from Him. So I say to Him, “here are my feet today, Jesus. Tell me what to do.” What is my ministry? Why, it is to do whatever He wants me to and sometimes it includes prayer walking.

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  1. An interesting post Mary. The Bible speaks of planting seeds and how some water. At one time or another, I've sprinkled seeds and other times have had the privilege of praying with another to bring them to faith in Jesus as their Savior.

    I believe faith walking is a good thing. I pray that the Spirit of God would prepare their hearts to hear the Word. Yes, they need to hear but only God can save. I ask to be open to promptings by the HS when I should speak to another. There are times when it is best to simply listen.

    We are not of this world but we are to go into the world and share the Gospel. But we need to be sensitive as only God knows where a person's heart is and whether they are ready.

    A good topic to discuss.

    Love you,

  2. Visiting you early as I gear myself up with His Word and His encouragement through sisters like you before I go to work in a few hours...

    "My closing thought is that Jesus is my example..." Amen to this! We must be careful not to quench the work of the Spirit through those who in our human opinions think are not capable of doing so. But what about His calling on those He qualifies?

    I haven't heard about this "Prayer Walking" movement. I haven't walked around the neighborhood anymore and just exercise indoor. But whether walking outside or inside, I lift up my neighbors to the One Who knows them all!

    It's true, "apart from Christ", we are nothing. We are to glorify God in everything that any one does. Let's look at the fruits... :)

    Have an awesome weekend, remaining strong in the Lord's mighty power. If I may ask for you to pray for me as I go to work later for the Lord not only to protect me but to help me truly respond in His ways...I'm truly tired of this battle. In me... Love to you sister.

  3. These are some great thoughts. It seems to me that this pastor is a little short sighted on the fact that it is God who brings us to Himself but He chooses, as a blessing, to make us part of this. We don't save anyone - we are just instruments. I agree with you, Mary, that if a person is in tune to the Holy Spirit - then the Holy Spirit will lead one to pray, or personally confront someone, but if I am working in my own efforts and thoughts of "I am going to save the world like Paul"...then my own efforts will lead me to self-righteousness or complete exhaustion. Sometimes the Lord has me praying for others - for hours, days, years....other times I feel the Lord calling me to verbally speak with someone....KEY, allowing Jesus to be God, and me to be an open, empty vessel.

  4. Oh I SO agree with this, Mary. Jesus was our example, and somehow I feel sure HE prayer walked, all through His life. Great post!


  5. Goodness, you've shared another thought-provoking message! ... I've been 'musing' since reading earlier today; and agree with Alice in thinking that pastor "short-sighted."

    Thanks for stopping by with your wishes!

    May your weekend be blessed!

  6. Your are absolutely right. All of us have different ministries. I am a firm believer that we should intercede for our neighbors. And yes, share the Gospel with them each chance you can. God calls many to "home missions." I'm sure there are many examples of the results of your prayers, some you many only learn of in heaven.

    I put your prayer walking ministry on my prayer list.


  7. Amen! It would be clear from anyone who reads the bible that Jesus did a great deal of walking and I am sure that he would have prayed as he walked. You are right - we follow His example and our ministry is whatever He gives us to do. Blessings! :)

  8. I like your method. I had never heard of faith walking before, but I think it is a grand idea. Just proves again you can't believe everything you see on TV.

  9. I agree - Jesus set the example of many examples. He didn't heal in the exact same way. He didn't minister in the exact same way. And He spent a TON of time praying! When we surrender ourselves fully to our God and daily put ourselves in His hands, as wisely pointed out, He will lead us. And what a great example to be setting for our children and grandchildren! :)

  10. Good post with info of substance. Thank you for posting and also for your prayers. Blessings.

  11. What a thought-provoking post! God provides us many different ways to minister to others and share His word. I think how we live our lives is perhaps the best witness. People see there is something different about us, and want to know more. We need to be open to the Spirit and how we are led to serve.

  12. Years ago in college, I went on a group prayer walk around campus after dark. We walked passed all the dorms, and personally prayed for the believers that we knew lived there. I specifically prayed for my best gal pal when we were directly in front of her dorm. I found out the next day that at exactly that same minute, she had been inside sharing the gospel with her two other unbelieving roommates. She had known them awhile, but had never so freely shared her faith before that night. She said she felt a peace out of nowhere.

  13. I like that "Here are my feet today, Jesus. Tell me what to do". Tahts's what I need to do daily. Thanks for the reminder.


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