The Head of the Year

Every fall my pastor and his wife take a few days away and quiet down somewhere seeking the Lord for His direction for the coming year. I think this is fantastic. What a great time of year to do this! It goes right along with the fall Jewish feast of Rosh Hashanah where our Jewish friends and also many followers of Jesus Christ celebrate their Hebraic roots. There's a saying, "No man knows the hour or the day" so the celebration began this year on September 28 lasting through September 30. I love Rosh Hashanah and as a Christian I celebrate for these reasons:

  • The shofar or Ram’s Horn is blown representing the crowning of the people’s king. The celebration of music and dance is joyful and worshipful. One day the final trumpet will sound when Jesus comes back for His Bride and we will meet Him in the air!
  • It is the entering into a time of serious reflection for a solid week ending on Yom Kippur, a day of fasting. This is a neat time of pressing into the Lord making sure nothing is hindering as we seek Him with sober purpose to strengthen our relationship with Him.
  • It is a time of eagerness to hear God’s leading for the coming year asking Him for good health, peace and prosperity.
  • It’s a special time of the year for us Christians to be givers showing God we are serious about planting a significant seed into His kingdom and propagating the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a portal, or window, of special blessing. There are three Jewish feast days in scripture that require a special offering and Rosh Hashanah is a priority.
  • And what about the food? I love to prepare a beef brisket in a sweet sauce for a special dinner along with Challah bread and dip my apple slices in honey for dessert!

Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the New Year in the Hebrew calendar. It means "Head of the Year." It is an opportune time to seek the Lord and ask for His direction for the coming year. He has been so faithful to answer me over the years. Two years ago the word was trust and I learned to trust Him more deeply. Last year the word was love and I’m amazed at all He taught me about His love. I look forward to what God will reveal for this coming year. I’m ready to listen.

Shana Tova!” “May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.”

Beholding Glory

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share on this. Blessings.

  2. I always hope I'm ready to listen. Sometimes I wonder if I really am. It's good to take the time to REALLY listen.
    This was great my friend.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Loved reading this. I love the fact that your pastor and wife seed God for leadership. I'd love to incorporate that into my year, too.


  4. Great post, Mom. I'll be seeking God too for what direction He wants this upcoming year.

  5. You've inspired me to ask for a new beginning and a new word. Thanks!

  6. Why not celebrate with the Jewish Christians! After all we are grafted in and that makes us the seed of Abraham!

    Thanks for visiting my last post!

  7. being Jewish...I love this post. L'shana Tova....

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have a Pastor who takes out time to seek the Lord! No doubt, the fruit in himself and in the congregation will be amazing!

    I just smiled when I saw your shofar! I always think of you during Rosh Hashanah. May we always have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying & a heart that would obey!

    Bless you my friend! I love you sooo

  9. Beautiful post. These are truths I am realizing more and more, within my daily life....the need to get away, and just be alone with Him....that quiet sanctuary, to seek His face. much love ~ alice

  10. I really liked reading this one, Mary. I am also eagerly waiting to hear God's direction as I enter a new season. May He speak to us clearly - and may we be eager to obey.


  11. What a refreshing post this is, Mary!

    I read up and researched about Rosh Hashanah, but our family has never celebrated it.

    Maybe next year, we will.

    I loved reading the reasons why you celebrate Rosh Hashanah.

    And indeed, God speaks so clearly to you because He knows your heart is open and ready to listen and obey!

    How do you make Challah bread?


  12. This Mary, is beautiful...thank you for sharing!

    And you spoke my heart perfectly here: "One day the final trumpet will sound when Jesus comes back for His Bride and we will meet Him in the air!"

    Love you much!

  13. Oh and I love that "Brag on God Friday" at the end of your post! Awesome to brag on our Sovereign, Holy, Righteous and Holy GOD!

    Love again...

  14. It is wonderful to meet a believer who celebrates G-d's feasts and festivals.

    Thanks for stopping by Gail-Friends and I hope you'll come again real soon.



  15. Hi Mary -

    Thank you for this message and tribute to the glory of GOD and how to celebrate HIM!


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