Another Road Trip

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.
Susan Heller

I’m packing it up again. This time it’s a road trip to New Mexico. What is fun about these long strips of desert driving is the stopping in the little towns with shops and cafes. I like the oasis they provide amidst all the cactus and dust.

I had lunch with my girlfriend, Maureen, yesterday. We meet every few months to prioritize our friendship over a luscious lunch usually in nice places with tablecloths. I know it’s a woman thing. Maureen said: “Again you are going somewhere?” I didn’t realize how many times I have been able to pick up and go over the summer. What a blessing! I better stop calling myself a homebody who likes to stay put in my cozy home because it isn’t always the case.

This time, we are visiting my husband’s family in New Mexico. Dice was an only child and often misses the comfort that family brings now that his own parents have passed on. His cousin, Wayne, moved from Chicago to New Mexico and we are thrilled to live in closer proximity. I look forward to seeing his new home and meeting his wife. Our daughter, Amy, will be with us on this trip. Should be fun family time! New Mexico is beautiful!

I will be offline for a while, but I always like to remind you that your friendship and prayer requests are dear to my heart. One thing I always pack is my prayer closet. Until next time…..


  1. Have a fun time sister Mary! Praying for His protection and guidance as you visit...

    Love God's gift of "hearts". A special storage indeed...Crammed with loving mem'ries and there's always room for more. But how special that's where your prayers are stored too. God bless you sister and take care.

  2. good for you Mary! We used to go to Santa Fe every year, before all the tourists came!!

    ... bring those white pants! :)


  3. How fun!!! Travel safely, my friend ... looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!

  4. Sounds wonderful! So glad you can go and visit family! Soo very important!! Will be praying for you and yours!

    Love you ♥

  5. This is fantastic!!! I love the music you, that gave me a good laugh, and a fun, warm feeling!!! :>) Hope you have a wonderful trip....I am going to be taking some time off, myself, from blog world! Hopefully I will be back around. I have so loved your has truly brought me PILES OF SMILES..will miss you, dear friend....much love ~ alice

  6. Wow! I pray you all enjoy yourselves!!! Safe travels and an awesome time!

    Hugs and love!

  7. Wishing Houston offhand stay safe out there

  8. Oh, enjoy, enjoy! I have always wanted to see New Mexico. So make sure you post lots of pictures! Love the desert and even the dust...

  9. Have fun, Mary!

    My husband and I have often driven on those lovely highways through New Mexico. One of our favorite things is feeling mile after mile pass by under our tires - we call it "Big Miles!"

    Will miss you 'til you get back. In the meantime, enjoy your travels!


  10. Mary,
    Have a wonderful trip! But I'll also be looking forward to your return!

  11. I hope you have a great time on your trip. How fun to have your daughter traveling with you!


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