It's All Relative

It always amazes me when people witness the favor of God and still hesitate to follow Him preferring their familiar surroundings and friends. I read Numbers 10 this week. I noticed that Moses invited his brother-in-law to join the caravan to the Promised Land. The invitation was turned down. You have to wonder why. “No, I will not go. I must return to my own land and family” his brother-in-law said. Imagine that! The children of Israel were carrying the Ark of the Covenant. The presence of God was right with them and the Lord was leading them! What can replace a loving God who provides His children with a covenant to care for them and protect them?

As I read further, I embraced their prayer and made it my own. Rise up, Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered. In the wilderness they encountered enemies. They looked to God for success and victory in their warfare as well as their needs for supplies and protection.

God has made Himself so personal to me over the past few years providing me with His peace and His rest in my own personal wilderness amidst my enemies. This gives me an understanding of covenant and I’m in awe of Him. It’s not clear to me if Moses’ brother-in-law changed his mind and joined the party in the desert, but it’s crystal clear to me that there is no other place I’d rather be than in covenant with my God. He’s alive! Like Moses, I want every member of my family to partake of the Promise! Yes, it’s all relative.

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  1. God is so personal to me -- that was my favorite part of your post. I say YES and AMEN to that, 1000 times over! I am so thankful for God's faithfulness to you Miss Mary. I am praising Him for allowing me the joy of your friendship. How wonderful a God we serve who is so personal to each of us in just the way we need, so that we can enjoy contentment while we journey toward our heavenly eternal home. Such amazing love.

  2. Really liked your post. Hope you have a great weekend

  3. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we have such a gracious God. I too am overwhelmed by HIS Great love for us.
    HE has answered so many prayers ... it has been a tough last two years ... but HE has been with me every step of the way. I have learned much as I struggled with my mother's death, financial problems and everyday life struggles. I am thankful to HIM for all things ... I thank HIM for the bed I am able to rest in at night, the wonderful family that HE has given me while I am here on this earth. I know HE has great plans for me ... I just it ... my writing is a constant struggle but I know it is something HE has placed in my path. Please pray as I learn more that HE will open the doors for me to speak more (without doubting myself) to the women HE has placed into my life. Pray that HE will let the writing flow ... with words that HE has directed. Pray for the time for me to write ... in peace. I love you my friend. God's many blessings to you. Your face shines with HIS love.
    Your sister in Christ,

  4. So encouraging. I've been in those places and have found them precious just because of the closeness of my Heavenly Father.

    So thankful you find victory in Him, too.

  5. Hi Mary -

    I enjoyed this precious lively piece. Thank you, dear lady of GOD.

    You expressed, "...but it’s crystal clear to me that there is no other place I’d rather be than in covenant with my God."

    I wholly agree, Mary! Hearty Amens indeed.

    Sidebar: Please read my post done today, Sunday July 24, 2011. I need viewpoints about a particular Bible subject.

    Thank you, Mary

  6. "...there is no other place I’d rather be than in covenant with my God. He’s alive!"


  7. I'm with you. What in the world was wrong with that brother-in-law? Unfortunately he is like so many others who chose to go their own way rather than God's way.

  8. Amen sister Mary! He is an awesome God Who is so faithful...Because of that, I was never afraid even when I faced this tough battle at work. But thank you for your continued prayers. It might be a long process but I surely know Who has the control. Take care sister and God bless and protect you always.

  9. I could not even imagine saying not to such an offer. There are so many people who are doing just that here today.
    God Bless,

  10. Rise up Lord and let thy enemies be scattered. This is a powerful prayer, and the Ark of the Covenant was with them... you'd really wonder why anyone would turn down such an offer.

    Numbers 10 is such a beautiful passage. It has stuck in my heart after hearing a study about it a few months ago.

    Praying we will always be willing to make choices that count for eternity.

    Your post spoke to my heart, Mary.


  11. What a good prayer, "Rise up, Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered". I've really been battling with Satan lately but when I'm living in covenant with God's grace, the victory is mine.

  12. Well said. I think that this passage is a gentle reminder. We are shown that it may seem like an innocent response to say, "nah, It's all good." We need to be ready. Positioned to hear Him and to be always in His presence. Thank you for this thought provoking post!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. Great post! It has been my singular joy to see my sons accompany me in the faith revival that has taken place in our family in the last few years. It's a special feeling to know that they are along for the journey.

    God has led us through ups and downs - and we're currently in a wilderness season - but oh, how we know we are held tightly in the hand of the Almighty!

    That is indeed a "relative" pleasure!



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