Trailers R Not Us!

It irks me when people refer to the homes that we sell as “trailers.” How insulting to refer to our beautiful upper-end manufactured homes as trailers. These homes are popular in the southwest. The brand I sell is loaded with insulation and amenities and when the contractors get finished with them, they look good. Here’s one of our customers who lives in Sedona.

Currently, we are featuring the 2011 homes. Our interior decorator spent a day sprucing up our lot models last week and I followed her around with my camera. She comes up with some great ideas. Here is a cute kitchen in our smallest home.

My favorite is this middle-size three bedroom home decorated in a Mexican theme. I love the openness of this floor plan. Oh, to sit at this table and serve up some burritos and refried beans!

This four-bedroom home has warm accent walls. I fight the temptation to take a nap in this comfy bed mid-day!

So remember, they are “manufactured homes” not mobiles and certainly not trailers!


  1. Well said Mary, and how beutiful they are!!
    And yes, a nap sounds good right about now!

    Deborah xoxo

  2. The homes are beautiful, Mary! Loved looking at the photos.

    Blessings to you!!!


  3. Mary, the pictures you posted of the homes are lovely! Why in the world would some people call them trailers? They don't even have wheels!

    I absolutely love well designed homes that have both a touch of class and comfort.

    I try my best with my home, both in Bacolod City, and in Manila... but ultimately the home of my dreams will be in heaven!

    I enjoyed this post a lot, Mary.

    May God continue to be honored in your business, and may He bring you good clients!


  4. We often go to a local *swap meet* (they call it a marketplace) and they have recently been featuring a couple of manufactured home models. I think they're absolutely beautiful! They are homes - not trailers - couldn't agree more!

    Best of luck with sales!


  5. I've actually been curious about "your" homes, Mary ... and here they are!
    I love the all the decor; probably like you, I favor the Mexican rustic theme.
    Soooo, when might I move in? :)

  6. They are beautiful and look so comfy and inviting! At times like these, I think I would be grateful even to have one like these beautiful "manufactured" homes. God bless and take care sister!

  7. You did those homes proud! I LOVE that kitchen!!!

    A great big smile crept up on me when I read your email. God has certainly kept your family under His wing. I will continue to pray for them...

  8. You're right! Certainly not trailers. I have a friend that has a beautiful manufactured home on 5 acres. Spacious and lovely...

    Blessings, Debbie


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