Rosy Wednesday

It’s not that everything is coming up roses, but I have seen the favor of God this past week. I use to believe in coincidence, until I met Jesus. Now for sure I know that every morning when I meet Him for coffee, prayer and the Word, my day will be sprinkled with reminders that He’s close, He’s helping me and He loves me! Here is a recap of the favor of God that I've been seeing this week:

I’m part of a praying army for a friend’s co-workers. They gathered together at a memorial service last weekend and the message was so anointed that a dozen of them gave their lives to the Lord.

The dentist made my husband a wonderful (expensive) partial but he hates to wear it. He misplaces it because he removes it so much. At work the other day, he lost it just before he was scheduled to give a presentation. He frantically drove all the way home to look for it. I stayed in the office and prayed and felt lead to trace his steps in the parking lot. I found it intact amidst all the tiny gravel!

The clerk in the mall beauty salon did not carry the hair product I asked about but she had a discounted similar item and decided to let me have it for free!

Same thing at Lowe’s, we needed trim board to fix our house and they cut it and discounted it 74 percent for us. Amazing how the little things mean so much.

Here’s the kicker. A praying friend of mine was advised that if she did not increase in sales, her job was in jeopardy. She asked God to help her and send buyers to her. In one month, she doubled her expected quota.

In Hebrew there is no such word for coincidence. There is a term that is tossed around, “mikreh”, which means divine happenstance and that would be the closest call to coincidence. The formal translation is "Karah m’Hashem" and that means it happened from God. It means that absolutely nothing that occurs happens without His hand in it, even the most insignificant things.

No, I don’t believe in coincidence anymore. Everything is not coming up roses, but the Lord is with me.


  1. this post reminds me that it is so important to dwell on God's blessings!

  2. Such a power-packed post! I often remind myself that miracles are happening all around me, all the time ... IF I'll but look for them.

    I love the providential hand of God. Sometimes we can actually feel it's firm grip.


  3. Oh, Mary, this post is great. We need to look for the Lord's hand in so many of our daily activities.

    You sure have seen Him work in your midst this week. And I love each one of His blessings. The partial plate is funny!

    You're right. There is no coincidence. Everything good comes from His hand. "It happened by God." I like that.


  4. Amen! There are just so much "faith markers". Don't need to go anywhere sometimes as His blessings or other work is right in front of us.

    This morning, I volunteered to take my friend who was having surgery. She was upset last night because they bumped her up to way early and was embarrassed to take up my time. I nearly cried when I was driving in the freeway to pick her up. If her surgery didn't get moved up, I would have been stuck in the freeway and would not be able to pick her up as they closed 2 lanes which part of freeway that was already busy to begin with. He is awesome! I found myself talking with Him, thanking Him endlessly. Praise the Lord!

    I love that you found the partial intact! :) Only those who knows His goodness will understand any event: it's all significant.

    God bless you sister Mary. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Love you in Christ.

  5. LOVE reading o f Gods Favor in your life! Truly, there is no coincidence at all! Don't you know that as much as we Love seeing HIS Hand on our lives and in our day, that HE loves it even that much more!!! He adores you Mary & so do I ♥

  6. Great post. One of my favorite happenstances is when I go to Wal-mart and find a parking place easily and close to the entrance. I always say thank you Jesus.

  7. This post is so encouraging. I really needed to read it, and to get more serious about going to God for all my needs.

    I cannot thank you enough for this post, Mary.

    Am rejoicing for all the answers to prayer you shared.

    I especially loved how you explained the meaning of divine happenstance... yes, there are no coincidences, only divine appointments.


  8. And what a strong testimony this is Mary! I agree, it's not coincidence, it's the Lord's hand in all of our lives. That's the way He tells us to think, to trust His hand in everything!

    Great post my friend.


  9. Hi Mary -

    This was a pleasure to read.

    Thank you so much for sharing this rich and meaningful message.


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