Remembering My Dad

This photo of my Dad and me was taken at a wedding when I was about five. I wonder why I look so scared. Maybe I was just pooped from dancing too many polkas with him. Maybe the photographer frightened me because I hadn't yet learned to be courageous and smile at him. One think I know for sure is that I've grown in understanding through the years. I use to think the legacy that my Dad left us was his kindness and enjoyment of everyday simple living. It goes deeper than that for sure. My Dad's legacy is that he was a father who loved God and reverenced Him. Dad was never ashamed of his faith or prayer life. A quiet man, he never retaliated when he was offended. He wasn't big on words, but he modeled how to live in peace. I'm remembering my Dad this Father's Day and thanking God for his example.

My pastor shared some awesome statistics last week in Part One of his Father's Day Message. Ninety three percent of the family comes to Christ when father gets saved! It is 35% for mother and 3% for the child. Praise God for fathers who love Christ and serve Him first.

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  1. What a beautiful father you were given Mary...and what a legacy :)
    Have a great weekend friend xo

    Deborah xoxo

  2. Such a gift Mary to have a God -loving, God- fearing Father indeed! Now, married to a man who is just the same....Double blessings from the Lord!

    May you and yours have a beautiful Fathers Day weekend!

    Love you

  3. Even though your father may have been a man of few words, he gave you a wonderful example and legacy of love for Jesus. That is often too rare these days. What a blessing. And I love the photo of you two Mary.

    Love you,

  4. What a beautiful tribute, Mary ... I've a hunch your dad's "bustin' his buttons" with pride up there.

    Love this photo -- didn't someone take special care with those bows?

    Have a wonderful trip "home" next week!

  5. I miss him. He was a good man and a wonderful grandpa.

  6. You were so stinkin' cute (still are)!!!

    That statistic boggles my mind. If Dad's would only understand the extended power of their own salvation ....


  7. I am definitely thankful for my father who knew Christ and kept our family faithful. Glad you had such a good father too.

  8. So sweet. What a blessing to have a godly father.

  9.! What a sweet picture of you and your dad...and what a legacy!

    It sounds as if your dad lived his life "out loud"...he may have been a quiet man, but his actions spoke louder than words. :-)

  10. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for sharing this tribute of your dad. You express a love for a man who understood his purpose in Christ as a father.

    Blessings and peace.


  11. Polka dancing! What a wonderful memory!!! Rejoicing with you, as I also had a godly father.

  12. Can you imagine if all "dads" man up and go to Christ? What a wonderful world to live in... :)

    It's sad for me when I see many "dads" locked in literally and spiritually are in bondage.

    That is an awesome picture of your father and you! But I know this is not enough to show how much love existed between the two of you!

    Happy Father's Day to your hubby sister Mary and I love reading many posts about our awesome Father as well. God bless. Love you in Christ.

  13. I have never heard this statistic before,it doesn't surprise me. What a sweet post about your father.
    God Bless,

  14. Interesting statistics. You are so blessed to have had a father who loved God and raised you to love Him too. Great picture. Thank you for sharing.

  15. What an interesting statistic. A godly man living in peace is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.


  16. great the pic.

  17. What a beautiful testimony to a Father who understood the importance of leading his family in righteousness.

    Pretty cute little gal in his lap too!

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. Loved the photo, Mary.

    And what a very special dad you had. Won't it be wonderful to see him again?! Will you be sure to introduce me to him? :)

    What an interesting statistic - one can never underestimate the influence of a man who loves the Lord.


  19. I love that precious picture. Blessings ~ Oh, and I really like your new header.

  20. I know I'm late on this one, but saw it at the bottom of the page after commenting on your last post.

    I'm encouraged by the man God used to help care for and shape your life. There is nothing better he could have left you than the crown from God that he did.

    I love stories too...


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