How to Know If You're From Chicago

You Might Be From Chicago If:

The 'living room' is called the 'front room'.
You don't pronounce the 's' at the end of Illinois and you become irate at people who do.

You measure distance in minutes (especially 'from the city') and you swear everything is pretty much 1/2 hour away.

You go to visit friends, or family, down south and laugh when they complain about the traffic.
You understand that no person from Chicago can be a Cub fan AND a White Sox fan.
It's 'Kitty corner' not 'Katty corner'.
You know the difference between The Loop and Downtown
Stores don't have sacks, they have bags.

You end your sentences with an unnecessary preposition. Example:
'Where's my coat at?' or can I go with?'
(My English teacher had fits with this one.)

You drink 'pop', not soda.
You call the interstates 'expressways'.
You refer to Lake Michigan as 'The Lake '
You refer to Chicago as 'The City'.
You have two favorite football teams: The Bears, and anyone who beats the Packers.
You buy the 'Trib', not the 'Tribune' or the 'Times', not the 'Sun Times'.
You know that despite being on the lake, there is no such place as the Waterfront.
You think 45 degrees is great weather to wash your car.
You picnic or ride your bike in the 'forest preserve'.
You know what goes on a Chicago style hot dog.
You know what Chicago Style Pizza REALLY is.
You know why they call Chicago 'The Windy City".
You understand what 'lake-effect' means.
You know the difference between Amtrak and Metra, and know which station they end up at.
You have ridden the 'L'.
You think your next door neighbor is a cousin to Tony Soprano.

You have, at some time in your life, used your furniture...or a friend's body, to guard your parking spot in winter.

You respond to the question 'Where are you from?' with a 'side'. Example: 'Westside,' 'Southside or 'North Side.

You know what a 'garache key' is!
And my favorite: You eat your pizza in squares, not triangles, and you never refer to it as 'pie'.

I’m looking forward to reuniting with my family in Chicago next week. I miss all of them so much. My friend, Bev, emailed these. They are funny…and true! Anybody from Chicago out there and can relate?


  1. My friend who grew up in Chicago would love this!!! She was the one who taught me how to eat "Portillo's" (I can't call them "hot dogs" :) )and "Uno's pizza!".

    God bless and take care sister.

  2. I can't wait to share this with my hubby ... a "south-side" fella!

  3. I live in Illinois so it is fun to read these. :)

  4. Ha, I learned a lot reading these. :o) We drink soda here.

    Have a great trip!


  5. I'm not from Chicago but I enjoyed this post. I have relatives there. I also live in a state where we not only don't pronounce the s at the end but replace it with a w-Arkansas. Have fun reuniting with your family next week.

  6. Well Mary, in case Im ever in Chicage, Ive learned some new things today.
    Some of these expressions are eevryday ones here in Ontario :)
    Have a great visit my friend!

    Deborah xoxoxo

  7. I have some friends from Chicago that can probably relate to this and will be passing it along. Thanks for sharing this for stopping by today!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Hi Saleslady371 -

    I didn't know that you were a native of Chicago.

    I enjoyed this piece. Thank you

    You are going to visit there, soon?


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