Knowledge Talks, Wisdom Listens

Laugh with your happy friends when they're happy; share tears when they're down. Get along with each other; don't be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don't be the great somebody. Romans 12:15

My precious little friend is 30, a single mom and she owns a business. We chatted the other day about business and the hard trial she is experiencing. Her mom lives five hours away and I can tell she longs for her mother’s company right now. She’s scared.

My own daughter lives 8 hours away and we know the challenge of communicating long distance. We know, too, that when life gets hard, fear likes to torment us and tell us we are doomed. My daughter told me that it means the world to her when I can just listen and be a sounding board. I’ve not got this one down pat yet :) I want to help, to solve and to inspire and share the wisdom I’ve gained over the past years…’cause I’m the mom.

It was the Lord who helped me the other day to listen as my friend shared all that she’s contemplating. I said nothing. She knew my heart was hearing! She talked a while and then she told me how her mom thought she should handle the situation. She said: “I’m not ready to make a decision yet. Mom’s advice would only be my last choice.” I wish she was here to face this with me.

My friend is perfectly capable of making a decison....she just needs another body beside her right now. I finally understood what my daughter has been trying to say to me. I realize now that as a mom, my presence is enough. Oh, to be so wise to know when to speak, when to just listen and when just to hold your child in your arms. I don’t think this is something any of us get right all the time. I sure don’t.

Oh, by the way, my young friend called me last night. Her mother surprised her and drove up for a three-day visit. She thanked me like I made it happen. “Oh, no, honey!” I said. It was Jesus and He loves you more than you know.

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  1. I know what you mean about jumping in and wanting to help. Yet really, just the listening and being there is what others need and want.. I think it takes much widom to be like this. I can remember once when life got so on top of me and there was a knock at the door. One of our church ladies tood there, she had never visited before. We sat on the lounge and I poured my heart out while she listened. The love I felt from her was like Jesus was there.. I have never ever fogotten that, about 30yrs ago now. God bless you.

  2. What an awesome God! :)
    It is truly a gift from God to be a good listner like you.

  3. "Oh, to be so wise to know when to speak, when to just listen and when just to hold your child in your arms."

    Shew, when you get this one figured out, please help ME with it! ;-)


  4. It's so hard sometimes to want to help and solve a problem for someone else, though often what they want is a listening ear. I've not learned yet to be so wise...maybe someday! :) I'm so glad your friend's mother was able to visit her.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Mary,

    This touched my heart. It was so timely. My youngest son is going through some trials right now - and it's hard to know when to speak, and when to remain silent. It's just a mother's heart to want to help, isn't it? To fix everything, to make it go away. And I don't think that feeling disappears when our children grow up - sometimes it's even more pressing because we have less "control" over their lives and their decisions.

    That's when we have to go to OUR parent - our Heavenly Father - and ask Him to give us the wisdom to do the right thing - to do what HE would have us to do.

    Thanks for all you said today - it blessed me.


  6. What wisdom. Why is it so hard to just listen? Because we care. And to care seems to need action. This is a wonderful reminder that sometimes the best action is inaction. What a beautiful opportunity the Lord gave you to give the glory to Him.

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Thanks for being such a beautiful inspiration to me, you shine Jesus. I love you.

  8. Me too...I know that feeling of wanting to jump in and fix it...but just being there...listening....and letting othes chose their course is the better thing. great message

  9. I love the title of this post, Mary. It is so true - knowledge talks... but wisdom listens.

    How I know exactly what you feel for your daughter... how I feel that too! SOmetimes it is not what we can say... but just being there for her...

    This is such a heartwarming story!


  10. How can we not believe that Jesus is true? Right there, He knows what she needs anyway. But what I love about the Lord, there is always a life lesson to be learned whether we are hurting or not, going through trials or not. We must do our part to.

    Awesome testimony here! God bless you sister and thank you for sharing your mother's heart that touched this mom's heart! Love you in Christ.

  11. It really takes patience and commitment to really listen. Listening is so important.
    “Listening is an act of love…compassion…kindness…”
    Sweet Blessings.

  12. There is such a art to being a good listener. It sounds like your friend found one. It brought tears to my eyes to know her my drove to see her, I'm sure the Lord and a little something to do with it.
    God Bless,

  13. It is hard to just "be" when someone is in need. We want to "do" something. But Jesus made us human beings not human doings, and what we allow Him to help us become is so much more important than anything we can ever "do" for Him.

    Maybe that is why it is so important to others that we are willing to just "be" a friend, or sounding board.

  14. Listening is like life's shock absorbers. Someone's able to spill their thoughts & hearts, and we get to take it in. What we give back out ... well, as you rightly point out ... is the wisdom God provides.

    These lessons take a lifetime, don't they?

    Great post!

  15. I know sometimes we just need to give a listening ear. What a blessing you were to this gal!

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  17. great post, Mom. I appreciate you writing this. I think at this point in our journey, there isn't anything much left to say anyway. We know our assignment, and we just have to encourage one another to keep our eyes on the prize.
    I love you, and all that you have to say.


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